Get to Know the Newest Member of Farm to Tub!

The Farm to Tub family is getting a little bigger. Say hello to the Cocoa Butter & Bamboo Farm to Tub Body Soap! Flaunt soft, silky skin with the best natural, handmade, organic vegan body soap from LimeLife by Alcone. Like each of its predecessors, the Cocoa Butter & Bamboo bar is filled with yummy skin-loving goodness and imbued with its own unique natural soap benefits to help smooth and soften the skin.

The two main ingredients, bamboo and cocoa butter, have two very different yet equally vital jobs. Bamboo’s unique composition is gentle enough to naturally slough dead skin cells without causing any tears. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, organic cocoa butter penetrates the skin to deeply nourish and insulate moisture from within while also improving overall skin tone and elasticity. Thanks to its multi-tasking properties, our natural vegan Cocoa Butter & Bamboo Farm to Tub Body Soap is the perfect addition to your body grooming routine when you want to save time without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

 No parabens, no additives: our vegan body soap formula is the real deal. This gently nourishing, yet highly effective, exfoliating soap is made from the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure your skin is left feeling its absolute best. Our philosophy? Using the purest ingredients we can find gives you the greatest results possible. When it comes to treating your skin, organic soaps are better at ensuring you know exactly what is encountering and being absorbed into your skin. The healing properties of organic shea butter and polished bamboo pieces leave stressed, chapped skin feeling velvety and tranquil in a single use.

You know to exfoliate your face, but how often are you exfoliating the skin on your body? During winter months, exfoliating your skin has an array of benefits ranging from shedding flaky skin to preventing ingrown hairs. An exfoliating soap is the perfect way to gently break down build up and dead skin cells from even the most sensitive of skin. Though exfoliating has many benefits, there is too much of a good thing when it comes to exfoliation. Make sure to only exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week at maximum to avoid irritation and to always follow up with a moisturizing body lotion or body oil to replenish fresh, renewed skin.

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