A Valentine’s Day Look You’ll Love

Running out of makeup ideas? Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with our easy-to-follow date night makeup. Filled with hues of fiery reds and poppy pinks, this romantic makeup tutorial created by LimeLife’s Senior Platinum Director Kat Aragon will have you seeing heart eyes.

Step 1: Prep skin with moisturizer, lip balm, and eye cream for a healthy complexion.

Step 2: Prime your face for even makeup application using the First Base primer spray.

Step 3: Add dimension using Complete Concealer (shown in shades 3, 2 and 6) before gently brushing over still bare skin using Perfect Foundation and a #18 Classified Brush.

Step 4: Carve out your eyes by blending Perfect Eyeshadow in shade Blush Hour on the inner and outer corners. Add drama by gently buffing the shade Antiki Bar into the outer corner.

Step 5: Add a pop of purple with Enduring Eyeliner Pencil Duo by swiping it across the bottom lash line and top lid for a soft wing. For hooded eyes, line the top waterline as well.

Step 6: Using fine strokes, fill in brows with the Claim to Frame eyebrow pencil.

Step 7: For an ombre lip effect, apply a few dots of Enduring Lip Color to the center of the lips and gently diffuse towards the lip’s outer corners. Swipe a little of the Perfect Lip Mask for a glossy effect.

Step 8: Dot Enduring Lip Color in Cupcake on the cheeks and diffuse with the previously used foundation brush.

Step 9: Highlight the cheekbone and brow bone using a Lucky Charm from our Let It Glow Highlighter Palette.

Step 10: Clean up the undereye using shade 3 concealer before highlighting the inner corner with shade 2.

Step 11: Lock in your look by applying Oil Strike finishing spray everywhere, tapping extra into the under eye. Follow by diffusing clear powder across the T-Zone.

Step 12: Curl lashes before applying Making Waves Waterproof Mascara. Pro tip: Using a sponge on the lid protects our Valentine’s Day eyeshadow look!

Step 13: Finish by highlighting the collarbone and shoulders. For added radiance, mix with Dew Date Facial Oil.

Step 14: Enjoy your red-hot Valentine’s Day glam!

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