December Monthly Must-Haves: The Gift of Calm

We love the holidays—the bright lights, the great food and the quality time with family make them the best way to end the year. However, they can also be pretty tiring. The quick turnaround from Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve can leave us all grasping for a moment of calm! Make your late December comfortable and cozy by pampering yourself with these relaxing gifts.

Ground into each moment.

Have you ever tried meditation? Though the idea of truly clearing your mind may feel daunting, the regular practice of meditation has a myriad of health benefits, from emotional ones like reduced stress and anxiety to physical perks like improved sleep and decreased blood pressure! Try your hand at meditation with a subscription to a guided service like Headspace or Calm. These short meditations are led by a professional who walks you through each step. Once you start, you’ll unwind in no time!

Spend some time on your skin.

LimeLife’s 2021 Holiday Collections have been a hit! However, take a break from gifting the good stuff to everyone else and treat yourself to a little something. The Sotoks & One Drop Wonder Gift Set utilizes natural elements like the Songyi Mushroom and Pomifera Oil for a more radiant-looking complexion. Spend some time treating your skin with these incredible gifts this season!

Have an at-home movie night.

Have you ever noticed how many great movies are released around the holidays? It’s because it’s the perfect time of year for the best-of-the-best releases to be considered in next February’s Oscars. In the age of streaming, many of these high-quality films are watchable from your couch. Read about this year’s top contenders here and choose one to enjoy.

Give yourself a little glow.

Take a moment to bring out the best in your skin with the Perfect Glow Highlighter Powder from our Holiday Collection. Experiment with this highlighter when planning your New Year’s Eve makeup look or even just running post-Holiday errands—you’ll be effortlessly luminous wherever you go!

Carry your calm into 2022.

Honor each week of the new year with this book that gives you 52 calming list prompts

Themes in this journal center around gratitude, mindfulness, and optimism, among other things. After a few weeks of this listing exercise, you may find that this new year is really better than ever!

How are you planning on giving yourself some moments of calm this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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