Happy Birthday, Brighter Together Foundation!

This November marked the Brighter Together Foundation’s fourth birthday. The Brighter Together Foundation was established in 2017 to further expand LimeLife by Alcone’s mission of developing female entrepreneurship, leadership and financial empowerment globally. We believe all women possess the potential to empower and better their lives. With the support of a community, empowerment is sustained and expanded, inspiring other women to do the same.

Throughout the month of November, our primary funding partner, LimeLife by Alcone, made a donation to Brighter Together for every purchase made. During this season of giving, these efforts have made a greater impact as all LimeLife employees, Beauty Guides and customers joined together for another year of celebrating and empowering others. This is why we use the hashtag #wearebrightertogether to share our stories!

The opportunity to uplift another woman can come in many different forms. It can be as simple as speaking kind words or compliments, helping a mom manage her kids while loading groceries into her car, or simply sharing a smile. It can be lending an ear to someone going through a difficult time or checking in on a single mother to provide some support. Uplifting a fellow woman can be impactful by supporting someone through a new endeavor or being an advocate as she takes steps to positively change her life.

At Brighter Together, we know that women thrive through community support, and that strength comes from the collaboration women gain through sharing stories and their experiences.

Brighter Together initiatives are rooted in the values of fostering personal and financial empowerment. One cannot help but feel inspired by the stories from our charitable partner, Global Communities.

Brighter Together is one of the primary funders to Global Communities, Women Empowered programs specifically in Tanzania, Guatemala, Burundi and Nicaragua. Women Empowered is dedicated to promoting the economic and social empowerment of women through the formation of self-managed and self-sustaining savings groups. Global Communities provides training to savings group participants in governance, record keeping, savings, lending and entrepreneurship.

Turning Inspiration Into Action…

In 2019, women came together at the Women’s Leadership Summit in Antigua, Guatemala to learn from WE members and staff about their methodologies and stories. The experience was one that participants said was life changing.

Inspired by the stories from the Women’s Leadership Summit, the Brighter Together Chapters were created. Chapters are located across North America and create a community of women to join together, empathize, encourage and empower one another in order to achieve greater personal and financial development. Brighter Together Chapters provide a space for creating connections and community while focusing on your own personal growth. Members also create connections with local nonprofits in their own communities to increase awareness and provide service.  

Membership is open to all women and enrollment for 2022 chapters is currently underway. For more information, you can visit Chapter Information.

Miguelina with her pine needle baskets.

Meet a Woman Empowered…

Miguelina is a Women Empowered (WE) participant from Guatemala. WE is one of Brighter Together’s financially supported programs. Through the WE advanced business course, Miguelina learned why it was important to give her handcrafted pine needle-based company a proper name. This increased her company’s value by identifying it within the market and branding her goods to distinguish them from others. After ten years in business, Miguelina named her company Renacer, which means ‘to be reborn.’ She relaunched her business successfully and continues to receive valuable support from the Women Empowered program.

Miguelina not only elevated herself as a business woman by committing to learning and applying new approaches in her business, she also advocated for local women and girls to take the educational business and life skills classes offered in her  community. She is working towards growing her business by hiring other women to help them become economically independent as well. With her new business plan in place, Miguelina is well on her way.

Miguelina sharing her business plan and lessons with other women in her community.

The holidays are upon us and we know how good it feels to give. It feels even better to give the gift of empowerment!

Tuesday, November 30th, is Giving Tuesday and it is the perfect time to consider donating to help uplift women amongst you. Donations made to Brighter Together go directly to our charitable partner, Global Communities (formerly PCI) Women Empowered. To donate, visit www.BrigtherTogetherFoundation.org.

Additionally, any purchase made at LimeLife by Alcone in November will result in a donation to Brighter Together. Contact your local Beauty Guide today.

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