In My Shoes: Share What You Love, From Makeup to Missions

One of my favorite things about holiday gifting is sharing a product I love and watching my friends and family fall in love with it for themselves. This year I’m taking it a step further, making sure that everything I give is from a company whose mission I love, too. 

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed an amazing shift among my friends, our customers and women in general. We’re really stepping up and celebrating brands that make a positive impact on the world! 

We’re no longer being seduced by flashy marketing messages or purchasing purely based on the products themselves. Customers are digging deeper into a company’s values and morals, wanting to understand for themselves what exactly the brand stands for. Now, we understand that our dollars don’t stop once our purchase is complete – they’re used to further the company’s goals. 

When I was younger, the money that I spent on beauty products went toward more of those flashy marketing messages and shareholders’ profits. Today, I understand the power of where I spend my money, so I put it toward products and companies that make a real difference. An incredible thing about our LimeLife customers is that you all not only understand this too, but you also speak up about the difference you’d like to see us make. 

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LimeLife isn’t shaped by Madison and me alone; it’s not even shaped by the entire home office. It’s an incredible collaboration between all of us, our Beauty Guides and our customers across the world. Together, we decide what impact we want to make. 

Our Brighter Together Foundation is the perfect example. The foundation was formed by some of our most successful Beauty Guides who realized they wanted more. This group of women recognized that our community was helping them soar past their business goals, and they wanted the same for women around the globe. Just four years later, the Brighter Together Foundation has helped tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities. We’re excited for what’s next, including our second Women’s Leadership Summit in Guatemala in 2024. Our Brighter Together Collections are always some of our top sellers, because our customers are passionate about supporting the foundation, too.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Brighter Together Collection: Holiday Edition

We want you to feel good, not just about what you’re putting on your skin, but also about the impact your dollars are having on the world. We’re always listening and learning, evaluating every aspect of our business from the ground up. Because we share your belief that skin care can influence your overall health, we make sure all of our skin care is free from harmful chemicals. We source our ingredients from small community farms that pay men and women equal wages. Over the years, we’ve greatly reduced the amount of water our manufacturing process uses. And, of course, when you shop with your Beauty Guide, you’re supporting a small business and a real person’s dreams. All of that adds up to our biggest impact: creating a community where women are more confident, more supportive of one another and excited to celebrate their own definition of beauty.

This holiday season, when you’re wrapping up your favorite things to share with your family and friends, remember that you’re also sharing your goals, your values and the things that mean the most to you. It’s an incredible way to connect with those you love! 

What are some of your favorite causes to support over the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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