Monthly Must-Haves: Keep it Cool & Colorful in August

This summer has been a hot one, but we’re still not ready for it to end! As we say goodbye to a sun-soaked season, we’re thinking about ways to stay both cool and colorful as we enter into Autumn. Even just the smallest pops of color can carry the spirit of summer over into the more muted palettes ahead. Below are a couple of great finds to help chill you out and brighten you up!

Cool down from head to toe.

Stay refreshed with Cool Balm and After Glow! These two warm weather must-haves are super refreshing on a hot summer day. They’re both spearheaded by the versatile ingredient, Aloe Vera, which is fabulous for relieving skin after a little too much fun in the sun. Keep them handy in case of a surprise sunburn (but don’t forget your SPF ahead of time!) and store them in the fridge for an extra refreshing boost. Your skin will thank you!

Hydration with motivation.

Staying hydrated is important all year round, but it’s essential when temperatures are high. If you find yourself forgetting to sip throughout the day or keeping track of how much you’ve had, this water bottle will be a game changer! It has a minimalistic, chic design and really does the trick in reminding you to stay hydrated. Simple, yet effective!

A refreshing shower.

Feel cooler and cleaner than ever with Raining Zen Shower Gel. We’ve updated the formula with a new and improved blend of essential oils that closely resembles the scent of Bamboo Renew. We’ve kept everything that you love about the formula consistent – like its luxurious lather and soothing ingredients – but gave the scent a makeover. With a blend that cleanses skin and energizes your body and mind, nothing could be better for washing away long summer days!

A safe summer tan to die for.

A sun-kissed glow is the number one item on everyone’s summer beauty list. Get the perfect summer tan with Perfect Glow Bronzing Lotion, and finish off your look and create definition with Perfect Bronzer! Dust this fine, warm powder onto the places of your face where the sun hits for the perfect tan. As we’ve mentioned before, this is the safest tan ever

Eye-popping color.

Make an impression with a daring shade of Perfect Eyeshadow! Bright and bold eyeshadows are the perfect way to create a fun, summer makeup look in seconds. These bright colors were named after 80’s songs, so you can decide which to try by favorite color or favorite song. “Alexa, play Raspberry Beret!”

These are on repeat in our ear buds and on our eyelids: Electric Avenue, Flash Dance, Jessie’s Girl, Centerfold, Raspberry Beret…among others!

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Eyeshadows

Every sip is eye-catching.

Give any beverage a pop of color with beautiful colored glasses! Estelle Colored Glasses are hand-blown pieces that are best described as “jewels for your table.” From iced water to your new favorite cocktail recipe, everything looks sweeter through colored glasses. Select a single color or mix and match for the color palette of your tablescape dreams!  

Colored Wine Stemware by Estelle
(photograph courtesy of

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What’s making you feel cool and colorful lately? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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