Celebrating Immeasurable Victories

Life is full of wins and losses. We often look for measurable numbers to solidify our victories and our failures—such as lengths of time, amounts of money and points scored. While these can be useful benchmarks for setting and achieving necessary goals, holding all of our victories to these standards can be limiting and counterproductive.

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about living beyond measure. Living beyond measure is a philosophy that can be applied to all the aspects of your life by accepting that not everything has a set scale. You can be powerful, happy and successful beyond measure—in fact, most of us are!

Victories come in all different ways, and they are different for everyone. They go beyond measure. Below, some of us at the LimeLife Home Office discuss immeasurable victories and what they mean for us! 

One of the most important day-to-day victories for so many of us is spending quality time with loved ones. Family, friends and other key relationships bring so much love and laughter to our lives.

Liz, LimeLife’s Design Director, says that her immeasurable victory is “Playing Korean cards during the weekends with my dad who got diagnosed with dementia early this year, while talking about his childhood.”

Quality family time, cultural experiences and hearing the stories of our loved ones is important beyond measure!

Sometimes the biggest immeasurable victory is a sense of accomplishment and confidence. At LimeLife, we love empowering our Beauty Guides to hold the reins of their own lives. 

Image provided by Aziz Acharki

Maria, our North American Project Manager, describes this feeling perfectly, “Being at the helm of the boat, with the sails full, the sun on my face and knowing I’ve got this!”

Seeing a woman captain her own boat is truly an immeasurable accomplishment!

Another incredible triumph in life is to establish and enjoy a sense of community. Though it can arise in many forms, maintaining fun and meaningful connections with those around you is truly priceless. 

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Lisa, from our support department, evokes a beautiful image, “The sound of 300 kids singing, stomping and clapping to music in the mess hall at summer camp while I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen!”

We can’t think of anything more victorious!

One of the best things for the soul is giving yourself the opportunity to experience moments of peace in nature. There’s no better way to feel gratitude beyond measure! 

Daniel, of Operations, says these are his immeasurable victories: “The moment in the morning I take my first sip of coffee, exhale and watch the sky to observe the birds flying by.”

Sounds beautiful! What are some of your favorite immeasurable victories? Tell us all about them in the comments!

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