How to Apply Eyeshadow for Different Eye Shapes

From wide, round eyes to hooded or monolids, eye shapes are as varied as face shapes. And just like face shapes, a makeup look that makes one eye look bright and open may not work as well on another. Consider these tips a starting point for your most flattering eye makeup look! 

First things first, let’s figure out your eye shape. Grab a mirror and work your way through these quick questions:

  • Do you have a visible crease on your eyelid?
  • Yes: Go to question 2. 
  • No: You have a monolid shape! 
  • Is your crease barely visible, and somewhat hidden by your brow?
  • Yes: You have a hooded shape!
  • No: Go to question 3. 
  • Are the whites of your eyes usually visible around your iris? 
  • Yes: You have a round shape!
  • No: Go to question 4.
  • Imagine a line drawn across your eyes, from temple to temple. Now picture where the outer corners of your eyes would fall in relation to that line.
  • Above the line: You have an upturned shape!
  • Below the line: You have a downturned shape!
  • On the line: You have an almond shape!

The Best Eye Makeup for Monolid Eyes

If your eyes have a monolid (or no crease), you might be tempted to use eyeliner or shadows to create a faux crease. If you love the look, go for it! But we think it’s even more flattering to accentuate the gorgeous natural shape your eye already has. A great way to add dimension is to create a vertical gradient of color. Other eye shapes tend to use a horizontal gradient (lighter colors near the inner corner and dark shades at the outer corner), but yours is unique. Instead of inside to outside, think top to bottom, like a sunset. And don’t limit yourself to neutrals – a range of coppers or blues can create a stunning effect! Our Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes by Eye Color give you all the shades you need to create this look. 

Step 1: Start with the darkest shade in your palette, and use the Angled Liner Brush #13 to smudge it into your lash line. 

Step 2: Brush a medium-toned shade just above that using the Angled Shadow Brush #09

Step 3: Add the lightest shade under your brown bone and blend the whole look together. 

Step 4: Finish off by curling your lashes and adding a coat or two of Perfect Mascara. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara in Black

The Best Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Beauties with hooded eyes tend to have one common complaint – smudging. Because of the bit of skin, or ‘hood,’ that touches your lids, makeup on the lash line often ends up all the way at your brows in no time. We have two solutions for that! First, we’ll build a base that helps shadow stay put. And second, we’ll create a look that only gets better with wear. Before adding any shadow, use your ring finger to tap a light layer of Complete Concealer across your entire lid. Think of it like eye makeup glue – the waxy formula grabs shadows and keeps them where you want them.   

If you’d rather embrace the smudge (which we’re all for), a modern smoky eye is the look for you. While greys and blacks are classic, we also love smoky eyes that feature pops of color. Check out our Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes by Eye Color for a curated collection that’s a perfect place to start. 

Step 1: Use the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20 to apply a mid-tone shadow across your lid. 

Step 2: Then use a gel-based eyeliner like Enduring Eyeliner Pencil to line your upper lashes. 

Step 3: With the Angled Shadow Brush #09, smudge a coordinating dark shadow on top of the line you just drew. Using a windshield wiper motion, blend the dark shadow halfway up your lid. 

Step 4: Softly press the brush onto your lower lash line to create a dark, smudge effect below your eyes, as well. Blend with a fluffy shadow brush or your fingers for an even smokier effect.

Step 5: Top with Making Waves Waterproof Mascara for voluminous lashes that last! 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Eyeshadow

The Best Eye Makeup for Round Eyes

If anyone’s ever complemented your big eyes, they likely fall into the round category. Since the whites of your eyes are visible on all sides of your iris, you naturally look wide awake. Lucky you! We love a monochromatic eye makeup look that draws attention to the center of your eye. The right balance of light and dark shadows within the same color family will help create definition where you want it. Think of it like contouring for your eyelid!

Step 1: Choose a mid-tone, matte shade of Perfect Eyeshadow. Using the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, apply it to your entire eyelid. 

Step 2: Find a shade that’s a little lighter and has a bit of shimmer. Using your ring finger or shadow brush, tap it just in the center of your eyelid. 

Step 3: Dampen your Angled Liner Brush #13 and dip it in the deepest shade. Use it like eyeliner to rim your upper and lower lash lines.

Step 4: Finish with a single coat of Perfect Mascara to let the color shine through. 

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The Best Eye Makeup for Upturned Eyes

Beauty lovers with upturned eyes: we see you, and we want to be you! Your eye shape is elongated with natural lift, giving you the look many people try for with winged liner. We love an eyeshadow look that amplifies this effect, drawing attention upward and outward. A classic light-to-dark gradient is simple to achieve and easy to amp up from day to night. 

Step 1: Choose a mid-tone, matte shade of Perfect Eyeshadow. Using the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, apply it to your entire eyelid. 

Step 2: With the same brush, pick up a little bit of the darkest shadow. Tap it on the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it back toward the center of your eye, into the crease. Smudge a bit of it onto your lower lash line, creating a ‘V’ shape around the outer corners of your eyes. 

Step 3: Tap a light, shimmery shadow along your brow bone to mimic the light’s natural highlight. 

Step 4: Curl your lashes and add a few coats of Perfect Mascara

The Best Eye Makeup for Downturned Eyes 

Your shape gives us one of our favorite before-and-after looks, because it really shows off the transforming effect makeup can have. Many people with downturned eyes tend to shy away from exaggerated eye makeup, for fear or making their eyes appear droopy. But pros agree that multi-dimensional shadows and a winged flick create a gorgeous complement for your unique eye shape. Try nudging yourself out of your comfort zone with bright, colorful shadows – we love a tangerine like Perfect Eyeshadow #13 paired with a light wash of #10’s electric green. 

Step 1: Using Angled Shadow Brush #09, sweep your base shade (#13, if you’re using it) across your lid. Extend the color past the outer corners of your eye, creating a cat-eye flick. 

Step 2: With the same brush, brush a small amount of your secondary color (like #10) just above the first. Don’t go too high up, as this can start to look messy. Also smudge it along your lower lash line.

Step 3: Skip the liner – this look speaks for itself! Add a single coat of Perfect Mascara if you’d like. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Eyeshadow

The Best Eye Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes are like oval faces – proportionate and easily flattered! Pretty much any eye makeup look will complement your eye shape, so don’t be afraid to experiment with funky liner or unique color pairings. We do love having a go-to look for busy mornings, so that’s what we’re outlining below. It’s a bronzy, smoky eye that opens up your almond shape and flatters just about every eye color [link to Eyeshadow by Eye Color blog when available]! 

Step 1: Line your top and bottom lashes with Enduring Eyeliner Pencil in Brown. Don’t worry about making the liner perfect – it’s going to get smudged like crazy later on! 

Step 2: Using Angled Shadow Brush #09, apply a shimmery bronze like Perfect Eyeshadow #24 across your entire lid. Blend it just a bit above your crease. 

Step 3: With the same brush, pick up a bit of a deep, chocolately brown like Perfect Eyeshadow #08. Sweep it into your crease and at the outer corner of your eye, creating a sideways ‘V’ shape. 

Step 4: Use a dense shadow brush like Small Eyeshadow Brush #20, to blend, blend, blend. Make sure you soften the edges of the liner and create a smooth transition between the two shades of shadow.

Step 5: Curl your lashes and add a few coats of Perfect Mascara.

Have you found the ultimate eye makeup look for your eye shape? Share any additional tips and tricks you have in the comments! 

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