In My Shoes: Powerful Beyond Measure

You Know You are Powerful Beyond Measure, Right?

We’ve talked a lot recently about the traditional definitions of success. They’re typically measurable, like a net worth, or have a clear before and after, like setting and reaching a goal. But life itself is much more complicated than that! It’s time we look beyond those standards and celebrate non-measurable victories. 

In my letter to Beauty Guides this month, I encouraged them to think of success as a collection of the choices we make to live a full life. I like to think of empowerment in the same way – it’s not something that just happens to us; it’s a choice. In many ways, success and empowerment are intertwined. The word “empowerment” is a clue in itself, with “power” right in the middle. 

Powerful beyond measure. 

Let’s think for a moment about a woman who’s suffered an immense personal tragedy. When she chooses to get up in the morning, make a cup of coffee and start her day, that choice is incredibly powerful. Her choice isn’t measurable, and it may not fit with the traditional definition of success, but most would be quick to agree that she shows great power. The same goes for anyone making the choice to take control of their future by starting their own business or taking steps toward their passion and living an inspired life. These choices aren’t necessarily measurable, but they are powerful.  

LimeLife by Alcone’s Co-CEO’s, Madison Mallardi (left) and Michele Gay (right)

Of course, with that power comes great responsibility. We see every day that power can be directed to make either a positive or negative impact on the world. And those who use their power, their success, their empowerment, to help others achieve the same might be making the most positive impact of all. 


Using power as a positive force. 

LimeLife Beauty Guides make remarkable strides every day, rising through the ranks and driving toward their own unique goals. But beyond any rank, the most impressive achievement in my mind is our Energizer Award. This award celebrates the idea that the most powerful person isn’t necessarily the highest earning or the one with the largest team. The recipients are those who fill up others’ cups, consistently motivating and acting as a positive force for the team. They may fall, but they quickly get back up and help others do the same. 

How are you or someone else in your life powerful beyond measure? Shoutout in the comments! 

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