8 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Sustainable beauty and eco-friendly products have been major buzzwords lately. And making our daily routine a bit kinder to the planet is an idea we can get behind! But how do we take green beauty from trendy to tried-and-true? More importantly, how do we make it simple enough to follow that it becomes second nature? 

To celebrate the launch of our new Glowing Green Toner Pads and Green Smoothie Moisturizer, we’ve chosen eight green tips that are easy to implement. Chances are, you’re doing some of them already! 

Read on for eight ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable.

Choose products with recyclable containers. 

Around 120 billion units of packaging are created every year by the global cosmetics industry alone. That includes cardboard boxes, paper inserts and all kinds of tubes, bottles and palettes. Beauty packaging can be especially tricky to recycle with things like mirrored glass and plastic pumps causing confusion. Do your part and look for companies and products that advertise recyclable packaging. With LimeLife, you can easily recycle our clamshell packaging and cardboard boxes curbside, and everything else can be sent to our partners at TerraCycle® and recycled for free. Starting with our new Green Smoothie Moisturizer, we’ll be offering even more refillable skincare packaging!

LimeLife by Alcone’s New Green Smoothie Moisturizer

Recycle in the bathroom.

Once you’ve made the choice to seek out recyclable packaging, make sure you’re actually doing the recycling! We’re willing to bet that most of us have tossed at least one cardboard toilet paper tube into our bathroom trash can in the past year. Those extra few steps from the bathroom to the main recycling bin can make a significant difference if we all do our part. Simplify the task by putting a small recycling bin or paper bag in the bathroom. That little reminder will make a big difference. 

Phase out cotton swabs. 

Though it’s not very noticeable, a lot of cotton swabs are made with plastic sticks and daily use can quickly lead to lots of plastic waste! Try switching to sustainably sourced bamboo alternatives like these, or better yet, tweaking your routine to include a reusable tool instead. If you reach for cotton swabs to smudge out your eyeliner or clean up your lipstick, a liner brush like ours can give you even better results without waste. 

Use reef-safe sunscreen.

Being eco-conscious means considering not only how a product is made but also the journey it takes after it’s used. If you jump into the ocean wearing sunscreen with harmful chemicals, even tiny amounts can damage fragile coral reefs. Up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen washes off our skin and into coral reef ecosystems every year, and even more makes its way there through our waterways. Chemicals like Oxybenzone are the biggest concern, because they disrupt coral reproduction, cause coral bleaching and damage coral DNA. Carefully check your sunscreen’s ingredients and opt for those that contain minerals like non-nano zinc oxide instead of reef-harming chemicals. Here’s a good place to start: our entire sun care line is both reef-safe and soothing for skin!

Eliminate plastic microbeads.

The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 banned harmful plastic microbeads from rinse-off cosmetics in the US – a huge step forward, but one of only a handful of laws world-wide. Tiny plastic spheres, most commonly made from polyethylene or other petrochemicals, were often added to products like face scrubs and toothpastes as an exfoliant. Because they’re so small, they pass through wastewater treatment plants and into the ocean where they’re eaten or absorbed by marine life. Even though microbeads have been banned in several countries, it’s still important to choose non-toxic, biodegradable exfoliants. The jojoba beads in our Skin Polish, the walnut shell powder in Bamboo Renew and Perlite in Power Start show how many amazing natural options there are! 

Switch to an eco-friendly razor. 

Pink disposable razors can almost feel like a right of passage, a symbol of impending adulthood that our middle-school selves were proud to keep on the shower shelf. Unfortunately, those flimsy plastic handles are likely to end up in a landfill after only a few uses. If shaving is part of your routine, consider switching to plastic-free razors: the new right of passage. Commonly made with super-durable metal or bamboo, these razors are made to last, help save the planet and will likely even save you a few bucks! For a fresh take on old-school safety razors, try this one from Bambaw. For a multi-blade shave, check out at the options from Leaf

Turn off the water. 

The simplest tip in the book is making a comeback! Many of us have gotten used to turning the water off while brushing your teeth (and if not, this is your reminder!) But how about during the other steps in your routine? Turn off the sink or shower whenever possible – like while lathering on your facial cleanser or smothering your skin with body scrub. Just a few seconds here and there can really add up and help make a positive impact.

Think multi-purpose. 

It’s a common-sense concept: the less stuff you have, the less waste you create. For an eco-friendly beauty routine, choose products that offer more than one use. Think a moisturizer plus primer plus sunscreen like our Perfect Sunscreen, or a colorful tint that can be used on lips and cheeks like our Perfect Balm. Using universal oils like One Drop Wonder is another great way to meet several needs with just one bottle – check out some unexpected ways to use it here!  

LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Sunscreen for Face SPF 30

Do you have some favorite green beauty tips or hacks? Share with us in the comments! 

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