We’re Starting 2021 with Stories of Success

The number 21 is tied to luck – and we’ve started 2021 with a unique kind of luck in mind! Our incredible Beauty Guides know that the best luck is the kind they create for themselves. Many joined the LimeLife family by chance, but the hard work we all put in together is no accident. 

While any time is the perfect time to become part of our LimeLife family, this January is full of extra incentives! We’ve launched a limited-time Build Your Own Starter Kitstarting at just $21, and we’re offering double 2Bes – points that Beauty Guides earn to spend on amazing rewards. Talk to a Beauty Guide about joining their team, or get started here

When we use our own luck to help boost others, our accomplishments are greater than ever. Read on to see some of the success stories our Beauty Guides have shared. 

“When I joined, I did it to be able to have money for retainer fees for my attorney to fight for custody of my oldest child. Since then I’ve been able to move my family from VA to FL, pay off my car and other debts. It literally changed everything for my family. Plus I’ve learned and improved so much as far as makeup goes.” – Taylor Smelser

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Taylor Smelser

“As an empty nest stay at home mom for over 26 years I needed something to do! LimeLife has helped me learn to love and accept myself just as I am and has brought out a childlike side of me that I had buried behind taking care of my children’s and husbands needs! It’s helped me overcome my insecurity and as an introvert It’s given me a voice and a way to connect with other people who I would never have had a chance to meet if not for the wonderful LimeLife products! I love the community here, self growth and collaboration that is found here and how the heart is to empower others! I’m so grateful for this wonderful, loving home!” -Lori Kollmeyer Holland

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Lori Kollmeyer Holland

“When I joined Limelife In 2015 I did it for basic reasons to buy myself makeup and help my clients get Pro quality products. Since then I have become a better person within myself and realizing how many women I can help. I grew a love for myself and seen that I am worth so much more. I am grateful for Limelife because it has helped me with the extra money so I dont have to work so much more overtime and be with my family.” – Teena Hoffstetter

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Teena Hoffstetter

“Funny thing is I wasn’t looking for LimeLife, it found me. Two years ago I was going through my biggest struggle with postpartum depression. I felt defeated, useless and almost like I didn’t matter anymore. Then LimeLife came along and I finally made the choice to do something for myself. Needless to say that was the best choice! I’ve never loved myself this much, I truly found my place here!” – Kalli Farrar

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Kalli Farrar

“I thought being a Pharmacist should enough, should make me fulfilled. I knew I had more within me, but it wasn’t until my Mom passed, that I ever considered exploring it. I joined LimeLife last year and, not only do I wake up everyday with a new purpose, I truly see that the only ceiling that exists, is the one I had created in my mind. LimeLife has elevated me, empowered me and has given me the courage to elevate and empower others.” – Ashely L. Smith

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Ashley L. Smith

“I was left standing at an airport in the middle of an international relocation. This pandemic left us reeling in a new city; homeless, jobless and with two very small children. LimeLife was a lifeline thrown to me when I had hit rock bottom three times over. I didn’t know how to do makeup, I had no sales skills and I had spent my entire career in a male dominated industry. Several months later, it has been the best part of my 2020.” – Nicole George

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Nicole George

“When I joined LimeLife in 2018, I was a Professional Makeup Artist tired of leaving money on the table. I was tired of sending my clients to stores to get dupes of items I use or recommend for their makeup bags. To then listen to my client advise me the rep at the store interfering with what I recommended, me not reaping the sale benefits and then my client ultimately waste money on products they didn’t even need or use. Fast forward, I now am able to help not only my clients who sit in my chair but any one who wants to exude fierceness with or without makeup with the same products I use in my kit. There is no more trying to find a dupe or sending a client on a chase around town for products that they can order right from me and I can continue to maintain a relationship. I love it here at LimeLife because I love the company, mission, products, sisterhood and I don’t have to spend any more time then I have to away from my growing teenager.” – Jessica Marie White

LimeLife Beauty Guide, Jessica Marie White

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