In My Shoes Monday with Michele: Finding – and Fighting For – Your Home

Each month we send our Beauty Guides an inspiration guide full of our latest launches, fun tips and empowering messages to spark success in the upcoming weeks. As I read through the guide for this December, my hurried scroll came to a sudden stop. I’d been scanning a note from Gary Montalvo, LimeLife’s Director of North America, and realized I needed to absorb it again from the beginning, this time thoughtfully and deliberately. 

I’m always encouraging our Beauty Guides to be open to growth and new ideas wherever they may find you, and I recognized this as a vital moment for me. Gary was speaking about the idea of home, which is something that I think about daily, but from a completely different viewpoint and with an entirely different energy than I ever had before. Many of us often think of home as a place of joy and warmth, especially around the holiday season. It is all of those things, but Gary opened my eyes to a fiercer version of home – one that we must fight for. His words are so powerful that I wanted to share them again here: 

[…] But finding your home is not about ease. Finding your home is not about the path of least resistance. Finding your home also has nothing to do with the comp plan, the rank you achieve or the success you achieve. Finding your home is about finding something that’s worth fighting for. Finding something that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and help build and help protect. Finding your home is about understanding that the road ahead may be unpaved and at times even treacherous, BUT YOU ARE ALL IN.

Personally, I have never been more committed to anything in my life than I am to LimeLife. There is no plan B for me. There is no backdoor. As far as I’m concerned this is going one way! LimeLife’s mission will be fulfilled. Not just because I say so, but because WE say so. Because there is #NoPlaceLikeHome. And my home is worth pouring every ounce of me into it. My home is my responsibility. And I won’t ever give up on you. 

Many of us feel this passion and protectiveness in some of our roles, maybe as mothers or political activists. What would happen if we were to channel that energy into our businesses and the LimeLife community? I often meet Beauty Guides who join us with the mentality that LimeLife will become a home for them and will provide something that’s been missing. That is one of our most profound goals and a role we are honored to fill, but the most successful Beauty Guides understand that this is a two-way relationship. We are here to support and encourage you, but you also have to be so committed to this home of yours that you’re willing to fight for it, too. 

Fighting for your home is not about winning or losing, but rather the empowerment that comes with not letting fear or excuses get in the way. As we enter into 2021, think about all of the ‘homes’ in your life. What do they offer you? How to they enhance your life? And are you willing to fight for them? 

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