Empowering Women through the Brighter Together Foundation

From the very beginning, LimeLife’s mission was bigger than bringing top-quality professional makeup and chemical-free skin care to beauty lovers everywhere. We also wanted to foster female entrepreneurship, leadership and financial empowerment throughout the globe. In 2017, we took this mission a step further when we created the Brighter Together Foundation

Through three primary initiatives, Brighter Together helps women create safe and welcoming communities where they have access to the resources and emotional support they need to achieve their desired lives. As a result, a ripple effect of positive impact and influence reaches their families, local communities and beyond. 

Brighter Together empowers women to collaborate.

Brighter Together’s largest program to date is our partnership with Project Concern International, A Global Communities Partner (PCI). Brighter Together is one of the primary funders for PCI’s Women Empowered (WE) programs, which promote the economic and social empowerment of women through education and training. With the help of the foundation’s funding, WE members have access to business and life skills training that boost their financial and emotional well-being. Additionally, WE groups pool a portion of their profits in a micro-lending system that allows them to invest in the betterment of their own lives and community.

To date, over 29,000 female entrepreneurs have been empowered through WE. It only costs about $300 per woman to give her access to practical business and life skills, and Brighter Together has currently donated over half a million dollars to PCI! 

Brighter Together turns inspiration into action.

In 2019, Brighter Together hosted the first Women’s Leadership Summit in Antigua, Guatemala.  Beauty Guides met with Guatamalan members of PCI’s WE programs, listening to their stories of hope and triumph. One of the greatest ‘ah-ha’ moments for the Beauty Guides in attendance was when they recognized the confidence of each of these women. Despite starting with so little, the WE members have worked hard to improve their lives for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Brighter Together creates community.  

The determination and experiences of the incredible women of the WE program is what helped inspire Brighter Together Chapters in North America, the newest initiative to further our mission. Nearly 30 chapters have launched across North America so far, and they are designed to create a community of inclusivity and collaboration that fosters women’s personal and financial empowerment.

Each chapter will focus on celebrating their unique and diverse local community needs while collectively focusing on the Brighter Together Chapter Pillars:  Financial Empowerment, Wellness & Self-Care, Interpersonal Relationships, Professional Development & Growth and Citizenship.

How is Brighter Together funded? 

Brighter Together is primarily funded through various programs at LimeLife driven through the businesses of Beauty Guides. Every time you buy a Brighter Together Collection or bundle, LimeLife makes a donation to the foundation. The same is true every time you choose to refill your favorite shade instead of buying a new palette! Beauty Guides also make incredible contributions through their career advancements and our annual Brighter Together Global Sales Challenge. 

Make an impact everyday with our Brighter Together Collections, our monthly Brighter Together bundles and by shopping throughout the month of November, when every purchase incurs a contribution from LimeLife. Start shopping with a purpose today towards true female empowerment.

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