In My Shoes Monday with Michele: Glowing Together – How Collaboration Creates Individual Results

In his book Big Potential, author Shawn Achor sums up the way we look at competition and success: “Society teaches that it’s better to be the only bright light than be in a forest of bright lights.” Those of us who were lucky enough to see to his presentation to the LimeLife community might recognize this as the firefly story. Achor shared a story about the strange behavior of fireflies, who sometimes join together in groups of thousands to synchronize their glowing lights. Rather than make them indistinguishable from one another, like we might think, this actually greatly increases each firefly’s chance of finding a mate. 

So, what does this have to do with us? Well, as Achor says in the same book, “This is true just as much for humans as it is for fireflies: The more you help people find their light, the brighter you both will shine.”

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Glowing together builds confidence.

A specific Beauty Guide comes to mind when I think about the effect that LimeLife can have on a person’s confidence. I met Tiffany at her first Palooza, which she attended with her mom. I had a chance to chat with the two of them, though I could tell Tiffany was hesitant to join in the conversation. Her mom and I talked for a bit, while she hung in the background, and I could tell that she wasn’t necessarily comfortable making small talk or speaking confidently about herself. 

Fast-forward a few years later, after Tiffany has had a chance to work alongside some truly talented Beauty Guides. They have all helped one another improve their speaking skills and, best of all, have bolstered one another’s confidence. Just the other day I popped in on a Facebook Live Tiffany was hosting to highlight our new products and shade launches. I was blown away by her poise and assurance; it was like she was chatting with a room of her closest friends. 

Glowing together boosts results.

It’s unfortunately, a very American and often masculine notion that the only way to be ‘successful’ is to work yourself beyond the point of exhaustion. It’s also too common a theme that successful businesspeople keep their secrets to themselves, for fear of others surpassing them. Especially in sales, there’s a scarcity mindset that sharing your best tactics will give your competitors a chance to take your customers. We’ve found that none of these things has to be true! 

At LimeLife, we practice something called Radical Collaboration, which gives us the opportunity to train together in a context of wellness. First, we want to help every member of the LimeLife family recognize the importance of self-care. Those who take the time to care for their own health, wellness and creativity tend to be the ones who get the greatest results. And second, rather than each team of Beauty Guides working solely within their silos, we make sure that leaders share innovations, train other teams and boost excitement throughout the company. Our goal – and it’s working! – is to rise all boats by flooding the LimeLife sales field with as much innovation as possible. 

“Those who take the time to care for their own health, wellness and creativity

tend to be the ones who get the greatest results.”

Glowing together elevates our inspired futures. 

When we talk about an inspired future, we encourage people to look very deeply and honestly at the things that make them happy. This might be a bigger house or more material things, but quite often it’s not. When we reshape our definition of an inspired future, it should be based on emotion. Another Beauty Guide comes to mind in this context. After attending a training at Palooza about managing money and finding financial wellness, she and her husband made the decision to downsize. They realized they weren’t necessarily happier with all of their stuff, and that by selling what they didn’t need they would be able to pay off all of their debt. This financial freedom was something they knew would make them truly happy. She said to me, “The best part is that we owe so much less and have so much more.”

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These decisions might go against conventional thinking, especially in an American society, but the strength of our community can overpower commercialism. With so many of us working together to change our thinking, we’re leading the charge to define our own inspired futures. 

Have you experienced the positive power of strength in numbers, either within the LimeLife community or elsewhere? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.  

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