Monthly Must-Haves: Everything You Need for October

We love the way our Beauty Guides and customers support each other, and this love and respect is especially inspiring during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When we come together, we can make a huge difference, whether it’s by providing education or offering a shoulder to lean on. LimeLife’s partnership with the Keep A Breast Foundation™ (KAB) is just one of the ways we’re getting involved. Our October must-haves feature some great ways you can join us! 

A portion of all sales from LimeLife’s Pink Grapefruit Farm
to Tub Soap will go directly to the Keep a Breast Foundation.

A great way to go pink with a purpose.

When we were brainstorming our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, we knew we wanted pink to be a big part of it. But we also knew the products needed to be crafted with care and high performing. That’s why we created our Pink Grapefruit Farm to Tub Soap, which features soothing coconut oil and grapefruit essential oil that works wonders on blemish-prone skin. We also teamed up with Glamcor to create a Limited Edition Pink RIKI Colorful, so you can take all of your must-have colors on the go. Plus, a portion of every purchase from the collection goes directly to the Keep A Breast Foundation!

Your plastic-free ticket to all-day hydration. 

Our friends at the Keep A Breast Foundation are passionate about doing away with plastics and the harmful chemicals that may be found in them. In our effort to be as kind to the planet as possible, it’s a cause that’s important to us, too. One of the simplest ways to cut back on plastic use is to switch to a reusable water bottle made from stainless steel that’ll keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot all day. We love the bright colors and easy-to-carry loop of the Insulated Classic from Kleen Kanteen®. The fact that they’re also a partner of KAB? Even better.

An app that reminds you to check yourself. 

One of the most surprising stats we learned recently was that 40 percent of all diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who felt their own lump. That means that monthly self-exams are super important. Any tool that will make it easier to remember – and dare we say, fun? – to perform your self-exam is more than deserving of some space on your phone. Download the Keep A Breast app for step-by-step instructions (complete with cute animations), plus direct access to more info and support. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Lipstick in
102- Girls Night Pout, Full Coverage

A colorful reminder to spread the word. 

Early detection is one of our strongest tools in the fight against breast cancer. In fact, according to the Susan G. Komen® organization, women whose breast cancer is caught in Stage 1 have a 98-100% survival rate! Do your part to keep detection on the minds of the women in your life by turning your makeup into a conversation starter. Choose your favorite eye-catching pink LimeLife product and add it to your daily makeup routine. We love the bright, full coverage of Perfect Lipstick in Girls Night Pout and the eye-opening pop of Perfect Eyeshadow in Raspberry Beret. Turn those inevitable compliments into an opportunity to remind them about Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

Something stylish that gets you moving. 

Beyond being a key part of an all-around healthy lifestyle, exercise has been shown to be a major factor in reducing breast cancer risk. Reaching your American Cancer Society®-recommended 150-to-300 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week is a lot easier when you have fun workout clothes to slip into. The Zandra Legging by prAna®is soft and moisture-wicking for everything from morning yoga to a sunset hike. We also love that they’re Fair Trade Certified™ and another partner of KAB!

We’re so dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month because talking about breast cancer is the first step toward empowering women against the disease. What’s something that makes you feel empowered? Let us know in the comments!

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