Boost Your Makeup Routine with these Glow-Getting Hacks

The beauty of having a daily makeup routine is that it’s just that – a routine! It can be a big relief during a hectic morning to follow the same tried-and-true steps you’ve perfected over the years. But there are also some days that your makeup routine needs a bit of a boost, and that’s where these makeup hacks come in. Mix them in whenever you’re looking for a little extra glow! 

Use Perfect Glow Drops to add subtle shimmer to your lid. 

For a fresh-faced look on no-makeup days, use Perfect Glow Drops in place of eyeshadow. Apply a drop to your finger or a Mini Blenderful makeup sponge and tap it across your entire lid. Concentrate the highlight right in the center for a wide-eyed look in seconds.

Use the Mini Blenderful to apply your under-eye concealer.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Blenderful

If you’re already in on the upside-down triangle concealer hack, this one’s for you! We love this tip for applying Complete Concealer, because it does the best job of brightening. Pick up a bit of concealer on the pointed side of your Mini Blenderful makeup sponge and start to tap it under your eyes. Instead of stopping with a half-moon shape, create an upside-down triangle with the point ending at the bottom of your cheek. Use the flat side of the Mini Blenderful to blur the edges for a look that says, “Of course I got eight hours of sleep!” 

Use the Mini Blenderful for a perfectly smudged-out smoky eye. 

The beauty of a smoky eye is that it gets more and more sultry as it smudges. And a Mini Blenderful makeup sponge was pretty much made for smudging! Use the Small Eyeshadow Brush #20 to apply a mid-tone Perfect Eyeshadow across your entire lid. Follow that up with Enduring Eyeliner Pencil to line your upper lashes. Using the Angled Shadow Brush #09, sweep a coordinating dark shadow on top of the line you just drew. Now it’s the Mini Blenderful’s time to shine! Using a tapping motion, blend the entire look together. Use the pointed tip to pull some of the dark shadow onto your lower lash line. 

Glow-Getting Makeup Hacks for Lips

Top your Enduring Lip Liner with Perfect Glow Drops.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Enduring Lip Liner

Can’t decide between a matte lip look and one with a little shimmer? Get the best of both worlds. Choose your favorite Enduring Lip Liner – try one of the five new shades! – and fill in your entire lip. Using your finger or a Mini Blenderful, tap Perfect Glow Drops on top for a subtle, glowy finish. Experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect shade.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Glow Drops

Go bold with blush as a lip color.

Try out this velvety, matte lip color trend using products you already have! Start by lining your lips with Enduring Lip Liner, and then use the pencil to fill them in completely. Find a coordinating, matte shade of Perfect Blush and use the Bold Lip Brush #12 to apply it across your entire lip. If there are any smudges around the edges, clean them up with Complete Concealer and the Concealer Brush #06

Use two shades to make your lips look fuller. 

A lighter lip color in the center of your mouth catches the light, making your pout look fuller. To try out this lipstick hack, start by lining your lips in the Enduring Lip Liner that complements your skin tone. Then apply your favorite Perfect Lipstick like you normally would. Choose a much lighter, full-coverage shade in the same color family and tap it just in the center of your lips. For a really stand-out look, you can sub Complete Concealer for the lighter shade! Use a Mini Blenderful makeup sponge to soften the edges and blend the two lip colors together. 

Glow-Getting Makeup Hacks for Face

Use Perfect Glow Drops with your foundation for a super glowy finish. 

We created Perfect Glow Drops to play well with our Perfect Foundation, no matter which order you apply them. For a subtle glow, use a Mini Blenderful makeup sponge to apply Perfect Glow Drops on your cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose before you apply your Perfect Foundation. For a more eye-catching effect, apply your Perfect Foundation first and follow up with Perfect Glow Drops wherever you want the light to catch. You can also use Perfect Color Powder or Perfect Translucent Powder to tone down any areas you want to be a bit more matte. 

Create your own illuminating tinted serum.

Mix equal parts Perfect Glow Drops and our Perfect Foundation. You can easily scoop a pea-sized amount out of the pan with a makeup spatula or the back of a brush. Then just mix it all together on the back of your hand and apply with your fingers or a Blenderful makeup sponge for sheer, everyday radiance. 

Use a Mini Blenderful to perfect your contour.

The easy-to-maneuver size of the Mini Blenderful makeup sponge makes it a great choice for contouring. For lighter coverage, dampen the Mini Blenderful and pair it with Perfect Foundation. For fuller, buildable coverage, use a dry Mini Blenderful and your choice of Perfect Foundation or Perfect Color Powders. Be sure to check out our tips to achieve the perfect contour for your face shape

Pair Perfect Glow Drops with powder for a filtered finish.

For a face that looks like it’s fresh from an Instagram filter, pair the dewiness of Perfect Glow Drops with the matte perfection of Perfect Color Powder. Smooth Perfect Glow Drops over your entire face, on top of your favorite moisturizer. Then, using a dry Blenderful, blend Perfect Color Powder on as your foundation. Add a shimmering blush and your favorite eye makeup look, and let the selfies begin! 

Think of these glow-getting makeup hacks like a little extra seasoning in your favorite dish –a quick way to take something great to the next level. We’d love to hear which of the new products featured here have earned a place in your permanent rotation. Let us know in the comments!  

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