Find the Perfect Blush for Your Skin Tone

When it comes to makeup routines, blush can be an afterthought. It’s often something we smudge on after painstakingly applying eyeshadow or layering on a dimensional lipstick look. But when you find the best blush for your skin tone, it can make a world of difference. A natural shade can add a subtle glow, while a bright color can be the focal point of your whole routine! There can be a ton of tones to choose from, but we’re here to help you zero in on the blush that’s best for you. 

First, find your undertones. 

There’s a reason why all deep-skinned beauties don’t wear the same colors, or why a blush that flatters one fair-skinned wearer might look unnatural on another. That reason? Undertones! Like the name suggests, they’re colors that lie under the surface of the skin. Your undertone is either warm, cool or neutral, and there are a few tricks to help you uncover your undertone once and for all. 

The most common way to determine your undertone is to take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they’re a purple-blue color, you probably have cool undertones. If they’re blue-green, your undertone is neutral. If they appear fairly green or olive, you fall on the warm side.

If you can’t see your veins, don’t worry! There are other methods that work just as well. First, think about which color metal you choose for your jewelry. If you feel your best in gold, you probably have a warm undertone. Silver tends to flatter cool undertones, and if you have no preference, you’re probably neutral. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s 6-Well Custom Blush Palette

Another trick that’s especially effective for those with deep skin: find a stark white wall or hang up a crisp white sheet. Sit in front of it and use your camera timer to snap a pic. Take a look at your skin juxtaposed against the contrasting white background and notice which colors jump out. If your skin appears more reddish or even blue, that means you have cool undertones. If yellow is the color that’s most apparent, you likely have warm undertones. Not seeing any primary colors? You’re likely neutral. 

Now that you know your undertone, find the blush shade that most closely matches your skin and read on for your best blush. We’ll give recommendations for cool and warm undertones – neutral tones will often be flattered by either one, so feel free to experiment!  

Perfect Blush in #06 – Glowing

The Best Blush for Fair Skin

If you instinctively reach for the lightest shade of foundation and won’t leave the house without your Perfect Sunscreen, you’d probably consider yourself fair-skinned. And if you’re extra fair, your skin might have a tendency to show redness and flushing more significantly. Instead of letting this hold you back from wearing blush, think of blush as a way to make this redness look purposeful! We love light pink shades, like Perfect Blush in #05 or #06, on cool-toned porcelain skin. Those with warmer undertones can choose a subtle peach, like #07, for a natural flush. 

The Best Blush Color for Light Skin

If you wouldn’t consider yourself tan but you’re not quite a porcelain doll either, you most likely have a light complexion. The most natural way to brighten up any light skin tone is with blush in soft pinks, light corals and peaches. If you have cool or pink undertones, soft pink shades like Perfect Blush in #06 will give you the perfect glow. Warm or golden undertones should reach for the peach-coral end of the spectrum, with a shade like #03 or #04.

Perfect Blush in #01 – Alive

The Best Blush Color for Medium Skin

If celebs like Olivia Munn or Eva Longoria are your skin tone twins (lucky you!), your complexion is considered medium. A lot of medium-toned beauties have warm or olive undertones, which look gorgeous with a deep peach shade like #07. For a pop of color, try a rich mauve or dusty rose like #01. Cool or pink undertones also pair perfectly with dusty rose. Whatever your undertone, consider adding a subtle shimmer like #06 along the tops of your cheekbones. You can also dust a little in the inner corner of your eyelid to brighten tired eyes! 

The Best Blush Color for Medium-Deep Skin

It’s true that the deeper your skin, the deeper your shade of blush should be. But don’t forget to take undertones into account for darker skin tones, too! Those with medium-to-deep skin and cool undertones look stunning with a deep, natural mauve, like #01. If you have warm undertones, try a warm brown like #09 for an everyday look that amplifies your natural glow. We also love the fact that darker skin tones can experiment with color! A bright crimson like #02 is the perfect complement to a simple eye makeup look – and it’s beautiful on any undertone. 

Perfect Blush in #10 – Oh Snap

The Best Blush Color for Deep Skin 

We’ve spoken to lots of deep-skinned beauty lovers who skip blush because they haven’t found one that flatters their features. It’s vital that the blush is highly pigmented and created specifically for darker skin tones. That’s why we’ve expanded our line to include a selection of colors for deep complexions. These aren’t just darker versions of our existing shades; they’re crafted specifically to celebrate all the nuances of deep skin. A rich, chocolatey brown like #08 is an ideal everyday blush for those with cooler undertones, while the stunning bright pink of #11 adds an amazing pop of color. Those with deep skin and warm undertones should reach for a true tangerine like #10. This unexpected shade can be built up from sheer and subtle to absolutely head-turning! 

Excited to experiment with your new blush knowledge? Our Perfect Blush comes in two-well, three-well and even six-well palettes so you can test out a few of your favorite shades! And once you’re armed with the colors you love, learn how to create the most flattering look for your face shape.

Do you think you’ll be adding some daring blush looks to your routine? Let us know in the comments! 

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