How to Apply Foundation

Knowing how to apply foundation correctly is a vital makeup skill – and one that many of us take for granted! Maybe you’ve been applying it the same way since you were a teen, or you’ve never really thought about there being a ‘right’ way. Maybe you thought that a few brush streaks here and there were unavoidable. But all it takes is a few simple steps to see how to apply your foundation flawlessly and you’ll never go back! 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Dream Clean facial cleanser

Step 1: Clean. 

Just like any makeup look, starting with a clean, blank canvas is a necessary first step. Either complete your skin care routine, or just give your face a quick cleanse. We love Dream Clean for oily skin or acne-prone skin and Quench Cleanse for normal to dry skin. After rinsing, splash your face with a little cool water to help close up your pores. 

Step 2: Prep. 

If you didn’t apply a serum or oil in the previous step, there’s still time! We love how a small amount of One Drop Wonder and Dew Date leave skin with a dewy, youthful glow that’s a great base for foundation. If light coverage is your goal, this is an especially crucial step! Follow it up with a few sprays of First Base Oil-Free Priming Spray. Spritz in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ formation to hit every spot. This specialized fine mist will reduce the appearance of pores and stop your foundation from settling into fine lines. 

Step 3: Apply and blend.  

Decide which level of foundation coverage you’re looking for and read on! 

For lighter foundation coverage, use a damp Blenderful sponge. 

Run your Blenderful under warm water, and squeeze it out until it’s just damp. Dab it lightly on your Perfect Foundation to pick up a small amount of product. Starting at the center of your face and working your way out, lightly dab or bounce the sponge across your skin. Use the flat side of the sponge to cover larger areas and the pointed tip to get into smaller crevices, like the sides of your nose and under your eyes. For a really natural look, we recommend skipping the bridge of your nose to let any freckles shine through! After you’ve applied a thin layer, use your Blenderful to lightly tap and diffuse any harsh lines. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation & Blenderful Sponge

For medium foundation coverage, use a dry sponge or a foundation brush.

If you’re using a Blenderful sponge for medium coverage, follow the same tips as above, but make sure your sponge is totally dry before starting. Feel free to add a second thin layer if you’d like a little more coverage. If you’d rather apply your foundation with a brush, go for either our Foundation Brush #04 or Buffer Brush #05. Again, pick up just a small amount of Perfect Foundation. Starting in the center of your face and working your way outward, use a buffing motion to lay down a thin layer of color. Think small, concentric circles, not paintbrush strokes. This is the best way to make sure your foundation blends beautifully and doesn’t look streaky. 

For full coverage foundation, build up in layers using a foundation brush. 

If full coverage is your goal, layers are the name of the game! Either the Foundation Brush #04 or Buffer Brush #05 is a great choice, as it’s a little easier to achieve a full-coverage look with a brush than a sponge. Still, avoid the temptation to load a lot of product onto your brush! Start with a thin layer, buffing in concentric circles from the center of your face outwards. Continue to add thin layers until you reach the coverage you’re looking for. With a full-coverage look, it’s especially important to blend well. Make sure to soften the edges of your foundation, especially around your jaw and hairline. A clean, dry Blenderful can actually be a helpful tool for blending – just use a stippling motion, and never swipe or smudge.  

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Translucent Powder
& Time Setter Setting Spray

Step 4: Set. 

Even if light coverage is what you’re after, you want that look to last all day. For this, setting is key! There are a few ways to set your foundation, and they can be used individually or all together for long-lasting hold. The first option is a powder, in either a colorless formula like our Perfect Translucent Powder or a shade of Perfect Color Powder that matches your foundation. The Perfect Color Powder will offer slightly more coverage. Whichever you choose, brush it on in light layers using a fluffy powder brush like our Tapered Powder Brush #02. Pay special attention to oily spots, like your forehead and chin. 

The second option is a setting spray, which can be added on top of the powder or used alone. A spray is a great choice for lighter coverage looks, since it has a really natural finish. Oil Strike Oil-Free Setting Spray absorbs excess oil to make sure makeup won’t crease or transfer. It leaves a soft, matte look that will last up to 16 hours. Time Setter Oil-Free Setting Spray is a great choice for mature skin, as it stops makeup from settling into fine lines and creates a soft, youthful finish. Just spritz on your setting spray in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ formation after finishing your makeup, but before mascara. 

If super long-lasting makeup is your goal, there are lots of other tips and tricks to help make sure your foundation stays in place! Are you a full-coverage fan or do you prefer a sheer finish? Let us know in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “How to Apply Foundation

  1. What suggestions/tips do you have for very oily skin? I purchased your skin care and foundation/concealers about a month ago and am having an issue getting the foundation to “set” on my skin. It separates and starts to crack and have bad oil break through. I use all the above steps mentioned. I have the Oil Strike setting spray and the skin care regimen for Oily skin and am using the Blenderful damp and have tried a buffer brush. I’ve never been able to use a “cake” type foundation, only liquid but I’m wanting to gain benefit from your product.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      We suggest starting a skin care routine for oily skin. You will find a lot of the issues you mention become more mangeable and the makeup will apply better with a good skin care routine. Take a look at our skin care blogs that highlight routines for oily skin!

  2. Most of us don’t know how to properly apply foundation. This article will clear it out about how to apply foundation properly. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us. Keep sharing more such articles like this with us in the future.

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