LimeLifers’ Top Products for Working from Home

So many of us have been adjusting to working from home, the LimeLife staff included. We’ve found that it comes with some major bonuses, along with a few definite downsides – we love wearing leggings every day, but we so miss hanging out with our work family! In an effort to keep a little bit of normalcy during this time, our team has been turning to our favorite LimeLife makeup and skin care. Some of us are paring down our routines, while others are making time for some extra pampering. Read on for our top #WFH picks!   

“Since working from home, my favorite product has been the Raining Zen Body Lotion. I love to go for walks at the end of the day, and the essential oils in it act as a natural bug repellant! Plus, it’s super moisturizing and smells way better than bug spray.” – Mischa

LimeLife by Alcone’s Raining Zen Shower Gel & Lotion

Make Mischa’s routine work overtime:

Before applying Raining Zen Body Lotion, start with a warm shower and scrub from head to toe with Raining Zen Shower Gel. Both products in this perfect pair are packed with a refreshing blend of essential oils to invigorate your skin and awaken your senses.

“Nighttime skin care has been my favorite part of my new quarantine routine. I grab my cup of tea and spend ten minutes pampering my skin. I love to finish off my routine with our Dew Date oil, because the lavender in this product is the perfect way to unwind and relax before bed.” – Chrysti

“I’ve also been a big fan of Dew Date while working from home. The smell is incredible and is a little boost of joy in the morning. I smooth it over my skin and work it into my beard, leaving everything looking fresh, healthy and radiant on my video calls throughout the day.” – Jacob

Take Chrysti and Jacob’s favorite to the next level:

Massage a very small amount of Dew Date into clean skin before applying your Perfect Foundation with a damp Blenderful sponge. It’ll leave you with gorgeous sheer coverage and a dewy, youthful glow.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation and Dew Date Facial Oil are a favorite duo with customers.

“My skin is sensitive to stress, so it’s been acting out these past few months. The product that has been saving my skin is Skin Therapy – its soothing oat protein makes a big difference for inflammation. It is literally therapy for my skin!” – Victoria

Give Victoria’s pick a boost:

Mix One Drop Wonder in with your Skin Therapy for an extra boost. The omega-6 rich oil will leave your skin feeling even more fresh and renewed without any greasy residue.

“During these makeup-less times, I’ve found that Dream Clean has been an essential step in my skin care routine. It never fails to keep my skin radiant and glowing throughout the day!” – Maham

Try a twist on Maham’s go-to:

For oily skin, using Dream Clean in the morning and at night can help keep shine at bay. If you have combination or sun-damaged skin, try subbing in Quench Cleanse in the morning for some gentle moisture. The aloe vera in this cleanser helps heal the skin’s barrier.

“Without a daily commute, I’ve had more time for routines. I use my Dew Confidence body oil to help me feel confident for summer. The amazing blend of essential oils leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy – not to mention firm!” – Audra

LimeLife by Alcone’s bestselling Dew Confidence body treatment oil

“A more luxurious skin care routine helps me heal myself after a long day of working from home. I love to pair Skin Polish with Dew Confidence to create my at home spa experience.” – Dawn

Add Audra and Dawn’s choice to your routine:

Dawn has a great idea here, since pairing a body scrub like Skin Polish with Dew Confidence gives a boost to both products. Body oil is an incredible multi-tasker for all skin types. Visit our post on its benefits to learn even more ways to work it into your routine! 

“My WFH necessity is Perfect Balm in Pink Grapefruit. I have been trying to give my skin some time to breathe during quarantine, so my daily routine is majorly pared down. Adding a little flush of color to my lips and cheeks with Perfect Balm is the easiest way to brighten myself up while keeping it natural.” – Madison

Let Madison’s favorite inspire your own fresh face:

We love the idea of giving your skin a vacation from a full face of makeup, and Perfect Balm is a fun way to add a little color while soothing and hydrating. Why not use your makeup-free day to give your brushes and sponges a clean treat, too? Our Clean Act vegan brush and sponge cleaner uses pure, chemical-free ingredients to gently clean your tools.

Have you been working from home, homeschooling or otherwise hanging out at your place more than usual? We’d love to hear how you’ve adjusted your makeup and skin care routines to fit. Let us know in the comments!

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