Monthly Must-Haves: Everything You Need for June

Summer is the season of sticky sweet ice cream, splashing around at the beach and, of course, lazy days in the sun. As daylight stretches well past dinnertime, we’ve been thinking of all the ways we can celebrate its rays. Here are a few must-haves for June that will help you grab onto every bit of sunshine that comes your way.   

A sun-powered hobby.

This brilliant blue paper might bring back visions of kindergarten art projects, but a little update makes it feel just as at home on the wall of your living room! To get started with sun art, pick up a pack of this photosensitive paper. It’s as simple as arranging opaque objects (we love leaves and flowers) on the paper and leaving it out in the sun for a few minutes. After a quick rinse with water, you’ll have a unique silhouette. Get kids involved by having them hunt for surprising objects to print. Test out a few different arrangements and hang your favorites in a natural wood frame.

A custom look for the season. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Complexion Palette can be customized to your skin tone.

If you’re still using the same foundation and concealer you rock in the winter, you might notice it doesn’t match as well as it did in the cooler months. The reason is obvious – more time in the sun means a change in skin tone – but so few of us actually take the time to match our makeup to our glow! Put together a custom Perfect Complexion Palette for summer, with one shade of Perfect Foundation and two shades of Complete Concealer that complement your deeper skin tone. Take a look at our post on matching foundation to your skin for help finding the perfect shade!

Something silly to solve all your summertime problems.

These colorful towel clips probably land on the list of things you’d laugh at your mom for having, right before swallowing your pride and asking to borrow some. They’re perfectly shaped to clamp your towel to your beach chair, eliminating the need to spend windy days chasing it down. If backyard barbecues are more your style, they’re also strong enough to clamp tablecloths to picnic tables. Hang wet bathing suits, close chip bags, hold books open… just trust us, and toss these in your beach bag.

A safe, healthy tan.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Bronzer bronzing powder

There’s no shame in wanting sun-kissed skin, even if the only glow you’ve been basking in comes from your computer screen. That’s why we spent months crafting our Perfect Bronzer, to make sure it gives you a light, natural, warm-but-not-glittery glow. Choose from seven shades made to flatter all skin tones, and use our Classified Tapered Powder Brush #01 to swirl it onto your nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. Check out our post on the safest tan ever for even more tips!   

A bright spot you can count on.

Sunny days aren’t always guaranteed. But even when the clouds roll in, the unflinchingly cheerful Instagram account @accidentallywesanderson will help you find the silver lining. This crowd-sourced collection of stunning architecture and landscapes is inspired by the famous filmmaker whose name it borrows. Like Wes Anderson’s films (The Royal Tenebaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel are some of our faves), the photos are beautifully symmetrical and full of bold, bright colors. Consider their feed the virtual equivalent of a rainbow snow cone on a hot summer day!

This summer, we’re focusing on the sunny spots – the kind that warm your skin and the kind that warm your heart. Do you have plans to pick up a new hobby or maybe catch up with old friends? Let us know where you’re finding your sunshine!

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