Let the Sunshine In: A Guide to Sunscreen and Sun Care

Sunny days are ahead; we’re sure of it. To celebrate, we’re launching some NEW natural sun care products! On Tuesday, May 19th, a few new products will be joining Perfect Sunscreen to round out our sun care line. We can’t wait for you to experience Perfect Sunscreen for Body, Perfect Balm with Sunscreenand After Glow Soothing After-Sun Gel.

Like all LimeLife skin care, our new products are made with organic and plant-based ingredients that are good for your skin and gentle on the environment. That checks off two of our must-haves when searching for sun care! Read on for some tips about choosing and using sunscreen.

What SPF should I use?

A product’s SPF (or sun protection factor) tells you how well it protects your skin from sunburn. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends choosing SPF 30 or higher, so we’ve made sure all of our sun care products fit the bill!

Look for sunscreen formulas that offer broad-spectrum protection.

Our skin is vulnerable to two kinds of harmful rays from the sun: UVA and UVB. UVA rays go deep into the dermis layer and can cause damage like age spots and wrinkles, while UVB rays cause redness and burning in the outer epidermis. Choose a product that’s “broad spectrum” to protect against both. Our Perfect Sunscreen for Face and Perfect Sunscreen for Body both feature zinc oxide as their active ingredient, a powerful, natural sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Sunscreen for Body

Apply liberally and often.

Even products with a high SPF and broad-spectrum protection need a little help doing their job. Always apply sunscreen to dry skin 15 minutes before you head outside, and don’t skip over spots like the tops of your feet and ears. Most adults need about one ounce of sunscreen (picture a full shot glass) to thoroughly cover their body. And reapplication is key! Toss that bottle in your beach bag, because you’ll need it again after two hours, or any time after swimming or sweating.

Don’t forget your lips!

Even those of us who are super diligent about applying sunscreen often overlook one especially sensitive feature. The skin on our lips is delicate and, just like the rest of our skin, susceptible to sun damage. We’ve developed Perfect Balm with Sunscreen to make protecting your lips as easy as swiping on your favorite lip balm! Zinc oxide – a natural, non-toxic sunscreen – adds an SPF of 30 to the fresh grapefruit fragrance and hydrating vitamin E that you already love.

Soothe skin after exposure.

LimeLife by Alcone’s After Glow

Even when we follow our sun care routine perfectly, skin can still get overexposed. The sun is powerful, and we’ve all had the red, peeling shoulders to prove it! That’s why we created After Glow Soothing After-Sun Gel and packed it full of natural, nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, lavender, and eucalyptus. Apply the gel to any part of your skin that’s seen too much sun or could otherwise use some soothing. For an extra cooling boost, store the bottle in the refrigerator! 

 Remember that sunscreen is just one part of your sun care routine.

Choosing the right sunscreen is one of the most important steps in protecting yourself from the sun – but when paired with a few other simple habits, it’s even more effective! Check out our Sun Care & Protection Guide for more tips to keep your skin safe from harmful rays.

Sun protection is so important, and we want to make it easy for you to incorporate all of our sun care products into your routine. We’ve bundled our chemical-free sunscreens with our other sun care products to create two collections, perfect for tossing in your tote bag or giving as a gift!

LimeLife by Alcone’s Sun Rise Collection

Sun Rise Collection
Perfect Sunscreen for Body | After Glow Soothing After-Sun Gel
$68 USD

Sun Set Collection 
Perfect Sunscreen for Face | Perfect Sunscreen for Body | Perfect Balm with Sunscreen | After Glow Soothing After-Sun Gel
$120 USD

The Sun Set Collection will include a sunny surprise as a gift with purchase!

Whether you’re a beach bum or a backyard lounger, stock up and stay sun safe. Let us know where you and your Perfect Sunscreen are headed this summer!

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