In My Shoes Monday with Michele: Why Join LimeLife?

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You have a dream, a mission, a divine purpose. Whether it’s clearly defined or not, you have one. And there is an excellent chance, almost 100% in fact, that it will take money to make it a reality.
I have seen people tune out when money is being discussed, and I have seen people dismiss phenomenal revenue-generating paths because they are afraid of judgment or failure. Can we all agree that those two things are not helping us individually and collectively live our most exceptional life/lives?

So let’s talk about money and confidence. In January 2017, I wrote a post celebrating the first cumulative $1 Million in commissions paid to Beauty Guides. Three years later, that number was $100 Million. What’s more, while that money was going into the pockets of mostly women to fund their dreams, customers were gaining greater confidence through LimeLife’s 65 plus years of expertise.
In just a few years, our cumulative commission payout is on track to be $1 Billion. Don’t you want to be part of that, not just for yourself but for the betterment of the world?

Our impact will grow and become more profound, not because of me but because of you. If you believe, as we do, that women and men need to tap into their worth, help others do the same, and then be compensated for those efforts, then you need to be part of LimeLife.

Help us create more magic in the world by creating more magic in your world.
We are the Brand, and this is your Now.

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