Find Joy While Staying at Home

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It can be tough to feel inspired when every day feels like you’re on repeat. But here’s a positive reminder—right now, you are saving lives. By washing your hands, practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible, you are doing your part to help your community. That feels pretty good to know, doesn’t it? We think so!

While we continue staying #TogetherAtHome, it’s important to find ways to stay connected to the things you enjoy, even if you’re inside. Self-care at home is a necessary part of working through this challenging time, so we’ve got some fun things to do at home and help you find a little joy in each day!

Get some fresh air.

No one likes being stuck inside on a beautiful sunny day. If you’re working from home, it’s especially important that you take a break to get outside and away from the computer for a while. Take a short walk around the neighborhood or just sit outside for a few minutes. If your day is just too busy with back-to-back conference calls and tight deadlines, at least crack open your windows to let some fresh air in.

Soak up the scents.

There are few things more satisfying than the feeling of a warm bath after a long day. Fill your tub, drop in one of our moisturizing Pombomb bath bombs and settle in for a soothing, aromatic experience. We recommend the lavender scent to help relax your mind and body.

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If you don’t have a bathtub or just prefer the fresh feeling of a shower, you can still indulge in a spa-like experience with our revitalizing Raining Zen shower gel and body lotion.

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Feel-good food.

Whether you’re a skilled home cook or a kitchen novice, there’s no better time to tackle a new recipe. This healthy, delicious roasted salmon with citrus salsa verde will make you feel good about your dinner decision. Prefer something of the comfort food variety? You can’t go wrong with mac and cheese (boxed or homemade, we don’t judge). If cooking really isn’t your thing, you can still feel good about supporting one of your local restaurants by ordering delivery or curbside pick-up!

Have a girls’ night in.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Schedule a video chat with your best friends so you can enjoy a glass of wine, share some laughs and talk about your post-quarantine plans. Missing movie nights? Host a Netflix Party so you can chat with the girls while you watch a classic rom-com or binge your favorite episodes of The Office (for the 27th time).       

Is there something that’s inspired you over the last few weeks? From a favorite song to neighborly deeds in your community, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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  1. What a perfect article. Self-care, as well as grooming, is very important nowadays and it’s the right time to take care of your skin, hygiene. This breakdown gives us lots of time to take a look of ourselves and take out some time for personal grooming. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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