How to Minimize the Appearance of Pores with Your Skincare and Makeup Regimens

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If minimizing your pores has been on your mind recently, you’re not alone! We’ve found that more time at home translates to more time spent with our faces pressed to the mirror, analyzing from every angle. So, the first step we recommend? Step away!

We believe that large pores are the skin concern that’s more visible to us than anyone else – especially if our mirror is magnifying. But we also believe in the confidence boost that comes from dedicating a little time to taking care of you. Read on for some ways to use skin care and makeup to make your pores (and these long days at home) feel a little more manageable!

How to Use Skin Care to Reduce Pore Size

When it comes to shrinking the appearance of pores on your face, doing away with dirt and oil is the majority of the battle. It makes sense: if your pores are filled up with that stuff, they’ll appear a lot larger. So, the goal of your skin care routine should be to get rid of the daily grime – without stripping skin of its necessary and beneficial oils, of course!

Cleanse daily.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to try an oil-based cleanser, this is it. They are great for removing makeup, soil and pollutants without stripping the skin of its lipid layer. Our Midnight Oil™ Cleanser contains japonica seed oil, an ingredient that’s similar enough to the skin’s own sebum that it creates a harmonious interaction. It penetrates and quickly lifts away debris and makeup, leaving pores clean and free to breathe.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Midnight Oil Cleanser


Incorporating a scrub or exfoliant into your skin care routine is another simple way to help lift off dead skin that might be clogging your pores. But remember, less is more! Using a rough exfoliant or scrubbing too often might lead to swelling, which can actually make your pores appear larger. Just look for a gentle exfoliant, like our Skin Polish, which uses jojoba beads to naturally roll away impurities.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Skin Polish Face Mask

Hands off!

We’ve been hearing a lot of this lately, but it turns out keeping your hands off your face can be just as good for your pores as for your overall health! The bacteria found on your hands can quickly transfer to your pores, resulting in more clogging and blemishes. And this should go without saying, but never pick at an already irritated spot. It’s super tempting, but will ultimately result in a blemish that takes even longer to heal.

Use SPF.

We’re always looking for more reasons to celebrate sunscreen, and this is one of our favorites yet! The free radicals found in UV rays make quick work of the collagen and elastin in skin, which is thought to cause sagginess and can make pores appear larger. Apply SPF every day, whether you’re just stepping out for a quick walk or even sitting by a window. Our Perfect Sunscreen also contains chicory root, which helps boost collagen production for a little extra plumping and pore care!     

How to Use Makeup to Minimize the Appearance of Pores

Using the right makeup and applying it in the right way can work wonders for the appearance of your pores. Once you’ve created a clean canvas with your skin care routine, read on for some makeup tips that will help you top it off with a makeup look that’s smooth, flawless and actually good for your skin!

Start with a primer.

Professional makeup artists swear by primers for their ability to smooth out the skin and make pores appear smaller. Apply it to your entire face, focusing on cheeks and areas where pores are especially large, before applying your makeup. Many people are used to primers in a cream or serum formula, but we love that our First Base oil-free priming spray creates a fine mist that easily covers the entire face. Spritz it in a ‘T’ and then an ‘X’ formation to create a long-lasting base.

Choose matte foundation.

As much as we love a fresh, dewy face, if smaller pores are the goal, matte foundation is the answer! A light-reflecting finish can draw attention to pores, but a velvety texture helps them blend in. If you prefer powder formulas, our Perfect Color Powder is finely milled and highly pigmented for a flawless, matte finish. Buff it on with a fluffy powder brush (All Over Powder Brush #02 is a favorite) to build up to your perfect coverage. Our Perfect Foundation set with Perfect Pressed Powder is the answer for cream foundation fans.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Color Powder

Apply liquids and creams with a makeup sponge.

Another professional makeup artist secret? Blend, blend, blend! And do it with a sponge, not a brush, which can leave behind brush strokes and emphasize pores even further. Instead, grab a non-latex sponge like our Blenderful to dab and roll foundation onto your skin. Try dampening it first for sheer, natural coverage.

Avoid shimmer.

Shimmering blush and bronzer can highlight pores in the same way a dewy foundation can. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your face some warm, natural color! Choose blush with a matte finish and dust it lightly on the apples of your cheeks. Our Perfect Blush in shades like Alive, Excited and Peachy are beautiful matte picks. The same rule goes for bronzer – dust a small amount of a matte shade in areas that would be naturally sunkissed, like the top of your nose, center of your forehead, chin and cheeks. Choose Perfect Bronzer in shades 02 through 06 for warm-but-not-shimmery sunshine! 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Blush

Set with a setting spray.

An oil-free setting spray like our Oil Strike is the ultimate last line of defense against visible pores. Spritz it in the same ‘T’ and ‘X’ formation as your priming spray, after applying face makeup but before mascara. The result is a soft, matte look that will minimize the appearance of pores and stay locked down for up to 16 hours!

Now that you’re feeling extra confident in your smooth, pore-free skin, share a selfie to show us how else you’re keeping busy and staying #TogetherAtHome!

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