Monthly Must-Haves: Everything You Need for April

Nude complete concealer palette from LimeLife

As we flip our calendars from March to April, it’s hard to believe that some of us have been making the long commute from our beds to our couches for almost a month now. As we work hard to keep spirits high and connections strong, here are a few must-haves that help us feel a bit more #TogetherAtHome!

An eclectic 9-to-5 playlist.


We’ve found that creating a boundary between work and play is especially important when you’re doing it all in one place. With a wide range of upbeat and low-key tunes, this Spotify playlist sets the stage for a productive day. Turn it on to signal to your brain that it’s time to focus!

Something unique to pass the time.

There’s nothing like a thousand little pieces to turn an hour into five! Why not make it even more meaningful and build your pet’s face or a favorite wedding photo? This Etsy shop will turn your picture into a custom puzzle. Surprise a friend by having an old photo turned into a puzzle and shipped to both of you. Catch up on your progress during your weekly video chats!

A reminder to start each day fresh.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Dream Clean Facial Cleanser will start your day off with a fresh face!

When we’re not leaving the house, it can be hard to stick to a daily routine. Something as simple as washing your face each morning can set the tone for the day and make a big difference. Our Dream Clean features aloe vera to keep moisture in and pollutants out, plus natural saponins found in soapberry to create a satisfying foam. After rinsing with warm water, follow with a cool water splash to really wake up your skin!   

Some extra motivation.

Aaptiv.pngFinding time to move each day is key to keeping spirits up and feeling like ourselves. With gyms closed we’ve had to be a little more creative, but there are some incredible fitness apps that have been filling that void. We love Aaptiv because its all-audio workouts can go anywhere. Yoga in the living room or strength training in the backyard? It’s all on the app, and it’s all set to music you know and love. 

A more forgiving video chat camera (or high-coverage concealer).

From virtual happy hours to weekly meetings, we’re spending more time than ever video chatting with friends and coworkers. As it turns out, the light in our living rooms is less than flattering! While our usual makeup routines might be on the back burner, a couple dabs of our Complete Concealer makes all the difference for those under-eye circles the camera seems to magnify.

Head into all your conference video calls with a bright and awake face by using LimeLife by Alcone’s Complete Concealer!

Something that brings you joy.

When we’re not getting outside as often as we like, it can be a breath of fresh air to bring the outside in. Send someone you love (yourself included!) a farm-fresh bouquet from The Bouqs Company. Their gorgeous flowers are sourced directly from eco-friendly farms that are committed to minimizing waste and using sustainable growing practices. Feel good knowing you’re spreading joy that makes the planet happy, too! 

Do you have a trusty pair of leggings, a new Netflix show or a favorite local takeout place that’s helping you stay #TogetherAtHome with a little more happiness? Give them a shout out in the comments!   

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