More Than Color: On The Rise with LimeLife by Alcone

One the Rise

We want all of our Beauty Guides to be equipped with the tools to be the best in the game, and we love when they challenge us to up our game, too! In 2017, we embarked on a mission to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry, driven by some visionary Beauty Guides. A group of Beauty Guides created two Facebook pages where women of color could share tips, ask questions and get support. They chatted about the need for more products for women of color and brainstormed ways for LimeLife to get more involved in their mission.

As the pages evolved, they grew into what is now known as the On the Rise movement – a place for women of color to enter the conversation in an industry that doesn’t always give them a seat at the table. We’re proud of where the movement is headed and even prouder of the Beauty Guides who’ve spurred us on.

Expanding the collection to celebrate all skin tones.

One of the most common conversations on the Facebook pages was surrounding the need for more products specifically crafted for people of color. The Beauty Guides discussed their clients with deeper complexions and the challenge of finding colors to flatter all skin tones. Our collaboration with Danessa Myricks – a makeup artist, innovator and longtime friend of the LimeLife family – was born out of these conversations. We were able to create a truly inclusive collection, expanding our foundation line to feature 22 shades, and creating gorgeously pigmented lip, cheek and eye colors.

A snapshot of a few shades from the LimeLife by Alcone collaboration with the professional makeup artist,               Danessa Myricks

The collection, like all limited-edition collaborations, was originally meant to be just that. We had planned to keep Danessa’s Perfect Foundation, Enduring Lip Colors and Perfect Blush shades as part of the permanent collection and to add in the Beauty Guides’ favorite of her Perfect Eyeshadow colors. When we asked our Beauty Guides to pick one eyeshadow that they could not live without, it turned out they couldn’t live without the entire collection! Our Beauty Guides of color felt such a strong connection to this collection, and they loved that the eyeshadow shades were specifically created for them. Beyond being highly pigmented for deep skin tones, the Perfect Eyeshadows (and the entire Danessa Myricks Collection) also upheld LimeLife’s standards for professional makeup. Our Beauty Guides made a compelling argument for keeping the entire eyeshadow line, and we are excited to launch it as part of the LimeLife collection at our largest ever On the Rise event in March of 2020!

As we work to expand our offering to flatter even more beautiful skin tones, our Beauty Guides were also asking for a Starter Kit specifically curated for deep complexions. In June of 2019, we launched the Deep Starter Kit, which features some of our best-selling skin care products and professional makeup in shades that let deep complexions shine.

Expanding opportunity for Beauty Guides of color.

As the On the Rise movement grew far past its original Facebook identity, Beauty Guides began hosting a series of live and virtual events to empower and support one another. Opportunity Calls are a way for Beauty Guides of color to connect with other women of color who are interested in joining the LimeLife family. They talk about creating an entrepreneurial mindset and share all of the ways that being a Beauty Guide can help them reach their goals.

Current Beauty Guides of color also host a monthly Moderator Series where they discuss their specific needs. On these calls and through the latest On the Rise Facebook group, Beauty Guides also have access to tools including marketing assets representing women of color, tutorials for color matching different skin tones and other exclusive content and training.

We are just beginning the long road to challenging the status quo in the beauty industry and to becoming a brand that is truly inclusive. Your feedback helps us keep moving forward – let us know what else you’d like to see!

3 thoughts on “More Than Color: On The Rise with LimeLife by Alcone

  1. This makes me so happy I could cry! I’ve been a part of other skincare and cosmetic direct marketing companies (twice as a consultant, and more as a customer), and have always felt disappointed by the lack of diversity I see… especially in marketing and social media. It thrills me to know LimeLife is taking active strides to become inclusive of all skin tones, complexions, and skincare needs. Kudos!

  2. Software:
    I wish you would update your software to include under accounts a “Favorites” list.

    I’d love to see all colors showing on Lipsticks-Liners-Glosses, instead of having to select by way of scrolling down the list to only allow one color at a time to be displayed.,

    Your gel pencils are FABULOUS!
    I’m looking forward to seeing a more diverse color palette with many options offered under gel pencil liners.

    Lastly, I wouldn’t have known about your company if I wasn’t searching to find an upbeat beauty blogger. I’m a hard sell!!
    Stephanie Treadway does a great job delivering on the promises she makes using Limelife products, and puts her own reputation on the line by way of multimedia platforms to peddle your product. She always gets back to me (calling / texting / messaging) whenever I have other questions.

    This is a win-win-win for Alcone’s Limelife; for Stephanie Treadway’s dreams and aspirations; and for your customer who’s willing to be loyal to a great brand because they walk the talk to put their money where their mouth is.

    P.S. I have 3 daughters (31; 27; & 20) and am purchasing duplicates of things I adore from your product line, in hopes of their wanting to be Limelife customers, too.

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