Top Makeup and Skin Care Trends for 2020

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We’re just a few weeks into a brand-new decade, and already the industry is buzzing about top trends. Bright, neon looks are walking the runway, and sustainable skincare is taking over (yay)! While we love hearing about the biggest makeup and skincare trends, we’re even more excited about tweaking them to fit our lifestyle. So whether you’re a lip-balm-and-hair-tie kind of beauty fan or a full-face-of-neon adventurer, there’s a trend for you in 2020!


1. Colorful Eye Looks and Neon Makeup

2019 ushered in the era of bright, neon makeup and eyeliner, and that look isn’t going anywhere in 2020! If anything, eye looks are expected to get even brighter and more daring. Experts predict that eye shadow palettes packed with eye-catching colors will become the norm. Try filling your Perfect Eyeshadow palette with Electric Avenue, Flash Dance, Jessie’s Girl and Centerfold. Like their 80s-inspired names suggest, these shades are packed with colorful pigment and perfect for experimenting! Use a dry shadow brush for a more blendable finish or dip your brush in water before swirling it in the color for a look that’s bold and opaque.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Eyeshadow in the shade Electric Avenue

If the thought of all that neon makes you a little hesitant, start small! Dip your toe in this trend by tapping just a bit of neon shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. Make the look your own by pairing contrasting colors. Try a wash of red shadow with a pop of pink or pair a thin line of blue with a thin line of orange right along your lashes.

2. Subtle Lips

Top trends for lips are pretty much the exact opposite of eyes this year. Barely-there lip stains and blotted looks are taking over, and we’re ready for it! Sheer lips are laid-back and low-maintenance – perfect for daily wear. Try the sheer shades of our Perfect Lipstick, like Berried Away or FemFire. Rather than applying it right from the tube, swipe a little on your finger and blot on for an even more diffused look. Focus on the center of your lips and let the color fade as it gets closer to the edges. Toss a tinted lip balm like our Perfect Balm in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups!

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Balms

If you’re more into classic, polished lips, give this trend a try with a little layering. Swipe on a color-free balm before you reach for your go-to red, and the result will be a softer version of the color you love.   

3. Pink Blush

If peach blush has been the star of your makeup bag, now’s the time to give it a little break. True pinks are making a comeback, and they’re great for giving cheeks a playful flush. Bright pinks might look a little intimidating in the pan, but on your skin, the color tends to be much more subdued. Start with a light wash and add layers until you find the coverage you like. And don’t just stick to the apples of your cheeks! Dust that pink on your temples and underneath your brow bones for a lively full-face flush.

If you want to dive right into the pink blush trend, pick up our Perfect Blush in Pop. This spirited neon shade is especially gorgeous on darker skin tones. If you’d rather start with something a bit more tame, try a lighter pink shade like Blushing and give yourself an allover healthy glow.

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4. All Things Blue

Pantone® announced Classic Blue as its Color of the Year for 2020, and it’s already become one of the biggest trends from fashion to faces to home décor. This particular shade is “timeless and enduring” and “suggestive of the sky at dusk,” according to Pantone. Chosen for its calming, tranquil properties, this blue is an ideal one to turn to in the thick of a hectic work week. Go bold with a sharp winged cat eye, or create a smoky eye using a Classic Blue as a base.

A great way to ease into this trend is by adding more blue to your wardrobe, starting with some great sky-hued earrings and clutches and adding in a statement sweater or skirt. Then, if you’re feeling inspired to play off your outfit with your makeup look, try a swipe of Classic Blue in your waterline! 

5. Makeup-Skin Care Hybrids

Beauty lovers everywhere are paying closer attention to the ingredients in their makeup, keeping an eye out for products that offer a great color pay-off with a skin-friendly formula. Lots of foundations are adding in vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, neuropeptides and other good-for-your-skin ingredients that pack that one-two punch. One of our favorite ways to incorporate skin care into our makeup routine is by using Perfect Sunscreen as a primer. Zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB light rays, while chicory root helps increase collagen production, filling in lines and wrinkles while plumping and hydrating to create a perfectly smooth base for the rest of your makeup.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30



1. Sustainable Beauty

With consumers becoming more and more aware of the strain the beauty industry can have on the environment, a huge number of beauty brands are looking for ways to reduce their footprint (insert applause here!). Top trends include recyclable packaging, chemical-free formulas and efforts to give back to environmental charities. At LimeLife, our commitment to the environment is anything but a trend! As always, all LimeLife skincare is Leaping Bunny-Certified cruelty-free, organic and chemical-free. Plus, you can easily recycle our clamshell packaging and reuse our palettes. All other skincare and makeup packaging can be mailed into TerraCycle® to become raw and reused material!

2. Non-Chemical Sunscreen

Generally speaking, there are two types of sunscreen: chemical and physical. Chemical formulas usually contain ingredients ending in –salate or -benzone that sink beneath the skin’s outer layer, while physical formulas use minerals like zinc oxide that sit on top of the skin. In the past, zinc got a bad rap from its starring role on lifeguard’s noses in the 90s. But new advances have made it almost unnoticeable in skincare, getting rid of that white cast and thick feel. If you do prefer chemical-free sunscreens, zinc should be your number one choice. Physical sunscreens are an especially good choice for those with sensitive skin, as they’re less likely to cause irritation and redness.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, our Perfect Sunscreen lives up to its name! Zinc oxide is its only active ingredient, though it also contains organic and plant-based ingredients that help reduce signs of aging and are good for you and the environment. 

3. Environmental Protection

Beyond the danger of UV rays, we’re learning more about the effect that other environmental stressors have on our skin. Pollution, infrared radiation, and free radicals are just a few of the factors we’re learning to protect ourselves against, and the latest generation of skincare products is being created with them in mind. Trends are leaning toward products with antioxidants and other ingredients that help in the fight. Our Sotoks brightening serum has a potent natural antioxidant called pycnogenol, which shields the skin from damage caused by everyday oxidative stresses.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Sotoks Facial Serum

Jump on this trend by trying out a few serums or moisturizers that showcase these powerful ingredients. See which works best for your skin type and layer it on before your SPF every morning.

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4. Lip Care

With all of the scrubbing, toning and masking that skincare lovers do to our faces, lips are too often forgotten. Not this year – lip care is poised to be a top trend in 2020! After all, our lips are skin, too, and they deserve some love. And with the sheer makeup looks experts are predicting for lips, keeping them looking their natural best is key. Treat your pout to our Perfect Lip Scrub a few times a week. Scoop a dime-sized amount from the pot, scrub in circular motions and wipe away. Follow with a Perfect Balm to help hydrate, or add your lip color directly to your newly smooth canvas.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Lip Scrub

5. Self-Care as Skin Care

So much of the way our skin looks starts from the inside, so we say it’s about time for this trend to catch on! The wellness industry is a $200 billion market growing 7 percent every year in the U.S., largely because younger generations are keen to take their health into their own hands. High-stress jobs and urban environments can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, including our skin. Lots of beauty lovers are heading to group fitness classes, upping their water intake and using meditation apps to improve their quality of life. This, in turn, shines through in what can be a much more glowing, less stressed complexion! Make this trend yours by committing to a once-weekly fitness class with a friend, or adding your favorite fruit to your water to make sure you’re drinking it all in. 

Which of these trends do you see yourself adding to your routine this year? Are there any that you’ve already incorporated (you trend-setter, you)? We’d especially love to hear how you take trends and make them your own – after all, there’s no one who knows your skin like you do!   

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