Fast and Flawless: Quick 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial

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Quick makeup looks are a lifesaver when life hands you a little more than you’ve planned. Whether you lost time to the snooze button, or just want to spend less time primping and more time partying, a five-minute face is the perfect solution. Check out our quick and easy makeup tutorial, featuring your favorite LimeLife products!

Minute 1: Protect and Brighten

Being short on time is no excuse for skipping SPF! Especially when it’s Perfect Sunscreen – a three-in-one formula that moisturizes, protects and primes skin, giving you the perfect canvas for a quick makeup look.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30

To get started, shake your Perfect Sunscreen and pump a small amount into your hand. Apply in circular motions, blending well across your face and neck. Next, dip a fingertip into your Complete Concealer and dab onto undereye circles and blemishes. No need to hunt down a brush for this finger-friendly cream!


Behind-the-Scenes Tip: Now is a good time to grab your Perfect Mascara and pop it in a warm pocket or in the crook of your elbow to warm up the creamy wax-based formula.

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Minute 2: Get a Flawless Finish

The beauty of our Perfect Foundation is its ability to offer whatever kind of coverage you’re looking for. We love a sheer finish with this look, but it’s just as quick to get full coverage!

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Foundation

For lighter coverage, run your Blenderful makeup sponge under warm water and squeeze it out until it’s just damp. Dab it on your Perfect Foundation to pick up a small amount of product and lightly bounce across your face, starting at the middle and blending outward.    

For medium coverage, do the same with a dry Blenderful makeup sponge or our Buffer Brush. For a full but natural finish, swap in our Foundation Brush and apply in thin layers to build up to your perfect level of coverage.

Minute 3: Add Some Color

A well-placed swipe of color can instantly pull your look toward naturally pretty or polished and perfected. For a woke-up-like-this glow, focus on a peachy blush and lip gloss. Going for something more glam? Stick with a sheer glow on your cheeks, but grab a deep red lip color instead (we love Enduring Lip Color in Cherry Pie)!

To find the perfect place to put your Perfect Blush, smile into the mirror. Use an Angled Blush Brush to lightly dust the color onto the fullest part of your cheeks, and then blend toward your hairline.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Blush with their Angled Blush Brush

Finish your look with a layer of Perfect Lip Gloss for a more natural look or Enduring Lip Color for matte glamour. Got an extra second? Use Enduring Lip Color as a base and top it with Perfect Lip Gloss for multi-layered sophistication!

Minute 4: Set it Up

Even though you’re only spending five minutes on your makeup, you still want the look to last all day. Spritz on our Oil Strike Oil-Free Setting Spray to keep your handiwork looking fresh and oil-free for up to 16 hours.   

Right before applying mascara, grab your setting spray and give the bottle a good shake. Spray two to four times in an ‘X’ and ‘T’ formation for all-day color protection. 

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Minute 5: Open Your Eyes

Wide-open eyes are the quickest way to fake a full night’s sleep – and an eyelash curler is the simplest way to get there. We know this tiny tool can be intimidating, but we’ve built our On the Rise Lash Curler to catch each individual eyelash with no pinching or crimping.

First, position the lash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible. Press down gently but firmly and hold for about five seconds. Grab your Perfect Mascara (which should be nicely warmed up by now!), and start at the base of your lashes. Swivel the wand back and forth as you swipe it toward the tip. Repeat until your lashes are as lush as you’d like them.

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 4.54.23 PM.png
LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara in Black and Brown Shades

How long do you typically spend on your beauty routine? Give these simple steps a shot and let us know if you’re ready to make the switch to quick and easy makeup! 

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