In My Shoes Monday with Michele: Looking Ahead With a 2020 Vision

2020 Goals list

Starting fresh this year is about leaning into the work that we can all do together. 

Foundation is an important word to us at LimeLife. Of course, some of you might be thinking of the foundation that we put on our faces. That, of course, is extremely important, too! But I’m talking about the foundation we lay as groundwork for ourselves. Whether you look at it as work or makeup, they’re both the infrastructure you need to create something incredible. While that’s what we always plan to do at LimeLife, it’s what we’re focusing on going into this new year. 

Our vision for 2020 is Simplify, Fortify, and Empower. We laid so much of the foundation for growth in 2019, so 2020 is really about getting each of our Beauty Guides’ businesses growing as strong as they can, from the ground — or foundation — up. This year is not as much about bells or whistles or big reveals than it is about pulling together strengthen what we have so we can accomplish more. 

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The key programs I’m leaning into for this are twofold: The mobile application and the LimeLifer Appreciation Program. The mobile application is going to be a game changer. We’ve created it to help you deliver on what matters to you and your business. We’re hoping you use it to set goals, prioritize, follow up with customers, and celebrate your smallest wins and biggest wins. But it’s also meant to be used to stay in a mindset of abundance and gratitude, a key pillar of what’s important to our success here. 

Elsewhere in our programs is the LimeLifer Customer Appreciation Program, a way to reward your customers for their loyalty. As they purchase products, their spending will track and turn into rewards like free shipping, gifts, and early access to new products. A feature I’m especially excited for here is that customers can earn more loyalty rewards by referring customers directly to you — a direct extension of our culture of gratitude for their support, and a way to keep us all mindful of gratitude. 

Can you tell technology is on the forefront of our vision this year? We’re also hoping to improve our website, with a dynamic experience for each customer to tailor the site to their complexion in order to get even better recommendations. I can’t wait to see this come to life, and we’ll be soliciting insight from you for how we can continue to improve on the tech front. 

We have a lot to tackle this upcoming year as a company, but that doesn’t mean my personal goals are on the backburner. And I urge you to look inside yourself for what matters most to you. Not only are we entering a new year but a new decade! My personal goal is to write a book, but not necessarily about my LimeLife journey. 

LimeLife by Alcone Michele and Madison Portrait
Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of LimeLife by Alcone, Madison and Michele

Rather than writing a book on my LimeLife journey. I want to write fiction book sand tap into themes that I think are hurting women and families. I’d like to share a story where the reader can clearly see the problem in the character but can also see how the character not seeing the damage it’s doing to the people around them. It’ll be an adventure to achieve this goal, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. 

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