Look and Feel Picture Perfect with Perfect Color Powders

LimeLife foundation palettes

You can’t put a price on perfect. 

You know what it’s like: Some days you just want more coverage than others. A sheer powder on a relaxed day, a heavier, more foundation-like look for a big event and so on. I’ve played around with different ways to apply foundation over the years, but nothing has ever had me more excited to mix up my base look than our Perfect Color Powders. And I have no doubt you’re going to love them just as much. They just launched in August and have already changed my makeup game. 

First, let me tell you my favorite part: These powders come in 10 shades. We know that we’re never going to be able to make enough shades to match everyone’s skin, but it’s important to us to try to make as many shades as possible for everyone to be able to mix and match to find what works right for them. I’m pretty fair, so I typically use Sunny Day or Nude. 

On days that I want very light coverage, just a touch of powder that covers a little shine, I just use the powder itself with a dry brush or sponge by just sweeping it over my face. If I want to up the ante, I’ll skip the brush and just use the sponge but pay more attention to the application by dabbing carefully on my skin. And if I want even more, then I’ll dampen the sponge before smoothing the powder over my face. Of course, this powder works perfectly over our Perfect Foundation (no pun intended, it’s just actually perfect), and each color of powder coordinates with a foundation, too. 

The powders are finely milled to create the absolute best product for your skin, and the high pigmentation makes the application easy and flawless. Some of the feedback we’ve gotten back from customers is that the texture of our formula is light and luxurious, which makes you feel good about using it for touch-ups on the go. No one wants to feel like they’re applying layers and layers of makeup on their face when they need a little coverage in the middle of the day. The finish of the powder is velvety and matte, so you can kick any shine to the curb. 

You can go ahead and order just one color for your match or you can get a palette of 2, 3 or 6 shades so you can contour or layer to your liking. And take it from me, these are colors you’re going to want to play with. 

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