5 Tips for Back to School Makeup

Thinking about going back to school and teenage years can bring about feelings of braces and awkward memories and what else? Makeup! Most of us at least discovered makeup in our teens. And with the saturated instagram world delivering so many different looks and contoured faces for teens to admire, it can be hard to stay focused on the basics. An excellent place to start is with LimeLife’s Teen Collection, which includes your choice of one Perfect Foundation, two Complete Concealers, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Perfect Translucent Powder, two Perfect Eyeshadows, and one Perfect Lip Gloss.

LimeLife by Alcone Teen Collection

But where to start? We’ve rounded up the most rudimentary tips from Platinum Beauty Guide (and teen mom) Kindal Burke-Brewer and LimeLife Design Director Lauren Ragusa.

Less is more.

“My teen Taryn is 15, and we have been playing with some makeup for the last year or so,” says Kindal. “We talked about how less is more and that makeup is meant to enhance what we already have, not change us or cover up. It’s about celebrating our uniqueness! Taryn and I often discuss that beauty equals light and we shine from the inside! By highlighting our eyes, cheeks, and lips we are showing the world just how bright we are.” Lauren agrees that embracing your natural appearance is rule number one for makeup newbies. “One of the greatest parts of being a teen is being carefree and that should carry through to your beauty routine. Don’t worry about trying to replicate all these full faces of makeup that are taking over the internet, just be true to your personality and do what comes naturally to you and makes you feel confident.”

Pick colors that work for you.

“Taryn is biracial so she has additional challenges in the beauty industry and its standards,” Kindal says. “So we have worked hard with loving her features and heart. A tip I share with this collection is that by choosing the shade “Sweet Dreams” as one of the shadows, you can use it as a beautiful highlighter in so many ways!” 

The collection also works perfect for youthful skin, Lauren says. “The Perfect Foundation formula is very versatile; it contains a high percentage of pigment that delivers full coverage but when paired with a facial oil, it can be sheered down for a more natural look. So whether you are a teen who wants extra coverage for pesky blemishes (that always seem to pop up at the least opportune moment) or to just even out your complexion, this foundation is for you,” Lauren explains. “The powder options in this collection are blush, bronzer or translucent powder – true staples in any collection, but as a teen, not all three are necessary. Choose what would make you feel the most comfortable in adding to your routine.”

Eyeshadows, meanwhile, are where you can really have a lot of fun. With a variety of 36 shades to choose from, select two that can be part of your go-to everyday look. And last but not least, we have our Perfect Lip Gloss! Lip gloss as opposed to lipsticks are much more manageable for everyday wear as they require little to no touch-ups. “Choose a subtle color will naturally fade throughout the day, blending into your natural lip color,” Lauren says.

Ask for help.

It’s very tricky to find a good color for yourself when you’re on your own, especially when you’re just starting out. “The best way to finding a good color match is to have some help from a Beauty Guide,” Lauren says. “Our sales fields knows the products inside and out and have a few tools to help shade match, like a color-matching card and samples in various shades. Have your parents or guardian reach out to our customer support or on our website to find a Beauty Guide in your area.”

Find a Go-To Look.

“This will save you so much time in the long run, instead of trying to reinvent yourself for every special occasion! If it’s taking more than 10 minutes, it’s probably too much,” Lauren says.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things.

“You will only look ‘silly’ if you feel uncomfortable in it. I’ve had so many women tell me they would love to wear a certain lip or eye color but don’t have the confidence to do so,” Lauren says. Give it a try – it’s only makeup!” 

Check out our Teen Collection for everything they will need to get started! Now through September 30th, 2019, get a free gift with purchase!

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