How LimeLife’s Got in the Right Frame of Mind for This One-of-a-Kind Brow Product

You’ve never used a brow product like this before. Here’s why.

It’s been nearly a decade since models like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne changed the game for the eyebrow scene, flipping a trend from the 90s (teeny tiny brows) totally on its head to what we see today: thick, full, natural brows.

And while LimeLife’s brow gel can help define your natural brow as is, Jacob Hyzer, LimeLife’s Global Chief Empowerment Officer, wanted to help the company create something that could give your brows a little something more. As a result, he’s been working to develop LimeLife’s brow pencil Claim to Frame, which is now available as part of the permanent collection. 

LimeLife by Alcone’s Claim to Frame brow pencil & brush

“It is the greatest eyebrow pencil that you may or may not have been looking for,” Jacob says. 

We sat down with Jacob — a 16-year veteran in the makeup and skincare industry who also oversees the training and support at LimeLife while also working on new market development on a global scale — for a little more insight into this life changing product. 

What is it about this pencil that makes it so different?

Claim to Frame has a precise tip of the pencil with an attached spooly brush, which is everything you need to create either a really natural brow or a bold brow so to me it’s kind of everything you need for brows.

Do you have to sharpen the pencil? 

Oh, no!  It’s a twist up tip and it’s so incredibly fine that you never have to sharpen it because it’s always ready to go. It’s almost like if I were to put a little bit of color on the edge of my finger nail and press that tiny thin line of my finger nail the edge of my finger nail on to a piece of paper just that super fine line, that’s what we’re talking about. So it’s really just a super fine stroke, it’s really made to mimic the size and shape of an actual hair. It can fill in sparse areas or it can make your brows look fuller.

How do you think the pencil works with the fuller brows trend of the moment?

Brow trends are always going to come and go. I think that what’s so great about this pencil is it’s going to allow you to follow any current brow trend, but the best trend to follow is what’s going to look best for you face shape so having a pencil that allows you to do a really thin or a really bold or a bushy looking brow is the answer everyone is looking for. 

Why are the ingredients in this pencil so special? 

So it is a wax-based formula, which means it’ll easily glide onto the skin without tugging on the skin and the nice thing about the wax-based is that it’ll also be water resistant and it’ll stay on all day. The nice thing about a wax base is that it’s a little bit sheer, not like a crayon-type pencil. Wax-based pencils have so many benefits, one of them being that they’re not dry. Drier pencils you have to press a lot harder on the skin but ours will glide right on.  

And then there’s also a spoolie on the end of the pencil, too. Why is that beneficial? 

The spoolie is a really cool feature. Someone who owns or uses a brow gel might say, ‘I don’t need this,’ but I really like a spooie because a spoolie doesn’t have any product on it so what that means is that you can maintain the direction of the hairs throughout the application of the pencil, making it easier to see exactly where you want to put the product. And then it allows you to go lightly go back in with a brow gel.

There are a few different colors in the new pencil. How do you know which one is best for you? And do you only need one? 

For those who want the most simple basic routine, your best bet is to get a pencil that closely matches the color of your natural eyebrow hairs, but if you want a beautiful full-finished look then I recommend two pencils. If you use a lighter shade, you can fill in more without it looking really garish or harsh and then you can just get those simple hair-like strokes with a darker shade. 

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