3 Steps to Create an Eye-Popping Look (that lasts)

Warm weather seasons have finally arrived. I am so excited to break out of my sweaters and jackets. And while there are certainly some days when this weather dictates minimal eye makeup (like dreamy afternoons spent lounging on the beach or taking dips in the pool), there are so many opportunities in the summer to go outside with a pop of eye makeup on that’ll make me look and feel as good as the warm weather makes me feel.

For those long summer days, I look to a few products to help me achieve this look.

First up is our Enduring Eyeliner pencils, which — no joke — stays on for 24 hours. It’s a gel-based pencil that is also waterproof (so if I did want to wear them to the beach or pool, I still could!). But truly, they don’t smudge unless you want them to for a smokey eye,  in which case, you must smudge them within 15 seconds of applying or else the color is set for the day. The liners come in black, brown or in neutral. Neutral liners can throw some people off, but they’re amazing for brightening your look. To create the appearance of more open eyes, apply the liner at the inner corners of the eyes and along the waterline. It’s a game changer.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Enduring Eyeliner Pencil Duo

Next, I reach for our lash curler. Sometimes I use it even if I’m not wearing any eye makeup, just to give my lashes a tiny boost. But the real fabulousness from this tool comes when you use it just before applying mascara. Every single little lash gets a lift from our On The Rise curler. It can truly create a fan effect for your lashes. One thing I’m always wary of when trying a new curler is that they can pinch you easily, but ours has a silicone cushion that glides easily and doesn’t hurt a bit. Whoever said beauty is pain was wrong.

LimeLife by Alcone’s On the Rise eyelash curler

To finalize the eye look, you’ve gotta go for mascara. This is one of our best-sellers and rightly so. Our formula is wax-based and includes lengthening fibers that double the intensity of your look. I start at the very base of my lashes, swiveling the wand back and forth as I move it toward the end of my lashes. Then, depending on how glam I want the look, I repeat (and sometimes even repeat again). If I’m going for a very natural look, I sweep a clean, dry wand through my lashes to separate each lash and make it look simple but structured. Something to keep in mind is that your tube can get a little clumpy over time because of the fibers in the mascara. Not to worry, though, just clean off the brush head with a paper towel. That said, replace your mascara every 2-3 months in order to keep the tube as fresh and sanitary as possible. There’s nothing worse than looking to finalize your look and realizing your tube is hardly full of any product.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Perfect Mascara

So this routine might be simple but it’ll give you incredible results, dare I say, eye-popping results.

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