What Your Favorite New Lip Gloss Shade Says About You

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Introducing our new lip gloss shades, each one with enough glitz and glam to fit whatever personality you’re wearing for the day.

Your favorite color says a lot about who you are. Your favorite lip gloss color might say even more. I could not be more excited to share our new lip gloss shades with you all, each one packaged in our signature jeweled containers you know and love. The colors are long-lasting with just the right amount of shine and shimmer. You can wear them on their own or atop our Perfect Lipstick and Enduring Lip Color.

Your personality, of course, can change, from frisky to funny or silly to somber, but we have a shade for however you feel or however you want to feel! Here’s what your favorite lip gloss color says about you.  



Humble: This nearly nude has just a slight shimmer with mauve undertones. It’s for the days you feel lighthearted and ready to tackle everything but don’t want to go bare faced. The woman who rocks Humble is putting in a little bit of effort but not too much flash. She wants to stay focused on the day with a simple, subtle look. Don’t underestimate her, though.



Happy: This coral-toned shade is sheer on its own or a serious pop of pigment layered on lipstick or lip color. Wear this one on the days you feel like you have a little more pep in your step or when you want a little more! The woman who rocks Happy is feeling like a champion, ready to rock a power suit or dress. She wants to smile all day long with an upbeat, joyful color to show for her mood.



Smile: This peppy pink has deep pigment roots. It’s bright and perfect for the days when you simply want to shout from the rooftops that you feel like a million bucks and don’t want to be shy about it. The woman who rocks Smile is feeling flirty and fun, ready to laugh loudly and often, she is not here to mess around and her lipstick says so.



Inspire: This light purple can look nearly sheer depending on the way it catches the light. It’s ethereal and exquisite, meant for the days when you want to rock a color but not too much color. The woman who wears Inspire is ready to lift others, and herself, up and up, whether that’s because she’s eager to strive in her own personal life and career or because she’s a natural-born leader looking to motivate everyone around her, especially herself.



Spirit: This light berry purple color is essential for the woman who loves to look different. It is unique and fashion-forward, the best gloss to complete a super simple outfit or to push a glamorous look over the top. The woman who wears Spirit is ready for action, spontaneity and doing everything on her to-do list with nothing less than passion.



Courage: The boldes of them all, this raspberry-like red is just the right amount of color when you want to rock a red lip and rock it with no fear. It is the go-to for a night out, a big presentation, a special celebration. The woman wearing courage is a team player, a champion and means business, especially when it comes to her makeup.



Pride: This red has pink shades hidden in its pigment, and it is ideal when you want to be bold and feminine. It is perfect for the times you’re feeling the self-love or want to send a message of self-love to everyone around you. The woman wearing Pride feels satisfied and wants a lip gloss shade that is striking but simple.

Which shade are you today?



6 thoughts on “What Your Favorite New Lip Gloss Shade Says About You

  1. Happy!!!
    Every product makes me happy but to put on the beautiful Happy Lip Gloss gives me the extra pep in my step!!!

  2. I love them all and will eventually have them all. I just received Humble, Smile and Pride. The rest will come shortly. Lol.

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