Open Your Eyes to Custom Eyeshadow Palettes

LimeLife by Alcone’s eyeshadow palettes

Some makeup requires shade matching, ensuring it’s all just the right color for your skin tone and shade. But when it comes to eye shadow, not every day calls for the same ol’ same ol’. Every day is different, every eye color is different, every outfit is different, and every mood calls for a different blend of shadow shades. So that’s why we want to give you options. In this case, that’s where the custom shadow palettes come in.
Buy a single color or, my personal preference, load up on a variety. Choose 4, 6 or even 18 colors to make up your ideal color palette. I like a smaller palette of just naturals so I can stash it in my travel bag easily and a larger palette of bright colors when I’m feeling a little edgier. Depending on where I’m traveling and what for, I even pop the colors out of the palettes and remix and match them depending on what I think I’ll want and need while away. This flexibility is clutch.

Some days I’m in the mood for a matte look and some days (and most nights) I’m in the mood for a little shimmer. To start, I always prime my eyes with Complete Concealer, which has a wax base that I dab on my eyelid and brow bone before applying my shadows. I typically blend a few colors together dry, but if I want to up the ante on the pigment, I’ll wet the shadows first. If you want to try the more dramatic look, just be sure to wet your brush first, not your shadow pan! And when I say to wet your brush, I really mean just dampen it. Too much water won’t work out well, for the look you want or the product!
We’re always thinking about the environment at LimeLife, which is why we also offer the option to select a refill made from recyclable plastic for all of our cosmetic pans. Every time one is purchased we make a donation to our Brighter Together Foundation. This foundation is rooted in our mission at LimeLife to feed the entrepreneurial spirit of women. We’re global partners with Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative, which helps women all over the world start and build businesses, save profits, and be as powerful as we know they can be.
All of that from an eyeshadow that also makes you look and feel your best? You bet.
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