How to Renew Your Skin for Spring

So your skin hasn’t seen the light of day since, um, October? Well, luckily (!!!) it’s almost time to shed those layers and make way for your skin’s big Spring reveal. Oh, did you think we meant layers of clothing? Well, those of course. But we actually meant layers of skin. Yes, it is time to super scrub your body and rid it of dead, dull skin cells and all the ashy, flakiness that winter has left you with.
Your first step is to choose the right body scrub for you. Scrubtini has been called a “spa day in your shower or bath,” so need we say more? We will. It’s made with sugars that help exfoliate plus a mixture of virgin coconut oil, shea and olive butters to give you that glow. To top it all off, lemon verbena oil, which is an antibacterial agent, gives you a refreshing scent.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Scrubtini

Bamboo Renew is similar in that it’ll help prep your skin for spring, but this scrub is made with walnut shell powder, bamboo, algae, rice, and milk thistle—each of which will help rid your skin of winter and leave it feeling more than ready for those soon-to-be-here tightless days.
Now that you’ve chosen your scrub of choice, it’s essential you know how to scrub. Those loofahs and brushes you see all the time? Ditch ‘em. They can drag bacteria around breed even more bacteria in your shower long after you’ve used them. Your hands are your best bet for your body. But before you begin, make sure you let your skin soften with warm water for a few minutes. Running a scrub over your unprepped skin is like trying to extract blackheads without cleansing or steaming your skin, aka not a good idea.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Bamboo Renew

Another big mistake? Shaving right before you or right after your scrub. Do one thing at a time, and be gentle with your skin. Right after winter (and really, any time of the year), your skin is super sensitive and needs temperate TLC, not all-at-once TLC. Finally, pat your skin dry—don’t wipe it, be gentle—with a towel and put on Créme of the Crop or Raining Zen Body Lotion. To really maximize the benefits, slip on a robe or sweatpants after applying the lotion or oil, which will help trap all the moisture in your newly renewed pores. Now, who’s ready for Spring?

LimeLife by Alcone’s Raining Zen body wash & body lotion


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  1. I have shaved with the bamboo renew. It gives a great close shave. Any potential problems with that?

    1. Hmmmm…this could clog your razor or potentially cause irritation. If you are not experiencing irritation go for it!

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