Subject: You’ve Got Male!

Unless you are a skin care superhero and follow a skin care regimen religiously, most men are not giving their skin the TLC it deserves (and needs). In the past few years, men have increasingly started stealing their friend/girlfriend/wife’s beauty products and are more conscious about healthy looking skin. Men’s skin has an incredibly different texture than women’s skin, so it needs to be treated a little differently. Because men’s skin is thicker and more prone to damage from shaving, it is important that their skin care regimen includes particular properties that hydrate, heal, and protect the unique texture of their skin. Beauty Supply stores have increased their shelf space for men’s grooming products, and the aisles that were once small sections are now an abyss of products with different name brand, price points, and ingredient options- which, yes, can be stressful. And on top of that, you need to worry about the ingredients? Welcome to our lives, guys.

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When a natural skin care regimen is not followed regularly, the buildup of dry, dead skin cells increases, leaving skin looking dull, coarse, and sometimes wrinkled. Exfoliating with a gentle scrub can reveal and restore natural radiance of the skin and leave your complexion looking bright and youthful. Plump, fresh, and healthy skin is waiting to be revealed underneath your skin’s surface, and a natural face scrub can help accelerate the big reveal! Most scrubs contain micro-beads as an exfoliant (little balls or beads of plastic) that are not environmentally friendly or healthy for your skin. Synthetic micro-beads have been found in sewage systems and bodies of water and have proven to be detrimental to the lives of marine animals, the environment, and humans. Look for a scrub with a natural exfoliating material such as Perlite and your skin and the dolphins will thank you. Perlite is a unique and completely natural exfoliator that is derived from volcanic glass. When this glass is heated to around 900 degrees Celsius, the water trapped within the structure is vaporized, causing the material to expand and form a spherical bubble. The way in which the volcanic glass is heated is a patented engineered technology that combines the natural hardness of volcanic rock with the softness of spherical particles to provide a gentle, yet effective, exfoliating effect. The build-up of dead skin cells blocks the skin’s natural defense against bacteria which leads to breakouts and other skin infections. Regularly exfoliating away dead skin cells promotes faster cell turnover, removes the undesirable rough layer of dead skin, and reduces ingrown hairs and breakouts. Power Start Face and Body Wash contains perlite as a natural exfoliator and a combination of botanical based ingredients paired with moisturizing extracts and purifying essential oils that work together to restore skin’s vitality, strengthen skin, and protect from damage.

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Lavender provides antibacterial protection to combat skin infections while tea tree, eucalyptus, and mint extracts provide an invigorating and refreshing sensation while deeply cleansing pores. When used morning and night this face and body wash is a great power start to healthy feeling and looking skin. Aloe is a common ingredient in all our skin care for many reasons. One is because it is safe and recommended by dermatologists, scientists, and other experts such as your mother or grandmother, and two, because it has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Aloe hydrates skin, increases water retention to maintain moisture, stimulates collagen production (goodbye wrinkles), and promotes skin cell growth to heal damaged skin. Aloe is a superhero ingredient that creates a protective shield over your skin to keep moisture in and pollutants out. Toxicity and pollution in the air and water can be absorbed into the skin, which can cause skin irritation and even make existing skin concerns worse. This is why Aloe is the base for both Power Start Face and Body Scrub and Cool Down Face Balm. Cool Down uses ingredients such as Hexapeptide 11, Fermented Agave Extract, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, and of course, Aloe, to firm, protect, and heal skin.   Hexapeptide 11 helps firm and tone skin while improving elasticity and collagen production. This keeps your skin fresh, supple, and more importantly, youthful. Hexapeptide 11 is derived from yeast, which explains why it helps your skin “rise”…kind of like what it does to bread.

LimeLife by Alcone’s Cool Down & Power Start

Fermented agave extract is another great ingredient for men’s skin care because agave plants are designed to adapt to desert heat. Fermented agave extract reduces redness and relieves discomfort from sunburn and razor burn, which is why Cool Down is an ideal post-shave balm. Because men’s skin is susceptible to multiple forms of damage, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia is another beneficial ingredient for men. Myrothamnus Flabellifolia is a plant found in South Africa that is known as the resurrection plant. It earned this nickname because its leaves that appear to be dead quickly come back to life once they come in contact with water or rain. If the plant has the ability to do this, imagine what it can do when added to dry skin. Like agave, this plant is designed to survive long hours in desert heat and ideal for dry, dehydrated, or damaged skin.
Wash your face twice daily followed by a cooling moisturizer and watch your skin transform from rough to buff  in as little as a week. Add a drop of One Drop Wonder to your daily skin care routine (especially after shaving) and you might just need to put a lock on your dopp.

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