You’re Still The BrEaST, Margaret!

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

LimeLife would not be LimeLife without Margaret.  When we were searching for a skin care line, my almost-sister Margaret was fighting Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  At one point she said, “Michele, you cannot bring another skin care line into this world that has harmful ingredients.  It is harming women.”
I felt this weird conflict.  I totally understood the importance of what she was saying and yet I wanted to bring the best beauty products into the brand.  Weren’t synthetic chemicals important for effectiveness?
To keep my promise, I went back to a vendor that I had met years before, a scientist from California, who had spent almost a half a decade studying natural ingredients and their effectiveness.  I asked her to produce a face oil for our brand.  That was all I wanted, something that would create a “dewy look.”  Months later, she delivered 11 products, all free of harmful chemicals, and asked me to test them.  I distributed the line to 12 people with varying skin types and asked them to try the products and let me know what they thought.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  I had my 5 favorite products, Madison had her 5 (which were different from mine), and there were at least three people who called each of the 11 products a “can’t live without.”
It was then that I realized how brainwashed I had become.  The entire beauty industry had been telling me, basically my whole life, that chemicals were the active ingredient and without them you might as well put nothing on your skin.  Imagine if television and print ads focused on totally natural active ingredients and all the incredible existing scientific proof of their effectiveness.  Ingredients like lemon, tea tree oil, natural clay, aloe, essential oils, etc.  Wouldn’t you think differently?  Wouldn’t you think that someone who promoted chemicals was weird/wrong/peddling voodoo?  Perhaps the same kind of skepticism some have for LimeLife.
But highlighting natural ingredients really wouldn’t be good for business.  You can easily get your hands on natural ingredients, but you can’t get your hands on a test tube of that specially-trademarked complex that promises the fountain of youth or magical cure for acne.  If you want to sell a lot of skin care products, you find a synthetic ingredient that does something effective, you create a very powerful scientific name for it, you trademark it, you inflate the cost of it (because who the heck would know), and you tell women that it is the latest, newest best thing ever through mesmerizing campaign ads and fancy packaging.
Margaret woke me from this spell, this marketing myth I bought into.  She put me on the right path, one that is so much more authentic to who I am.
If Mother Nature could take out an ad at the Super Bowl perhaps she would say, “I have the most powerful lab in the universe, it’s called Earth™ and I make the most transforming ingredients from roots™, flowers™, seeds™, leaves™, bark™ and soil™”  But I don’t think even that would totally break the spell.
Before she died, she told me to tell everyone about her story and why it was important to use LimeLife.  It felt a million types of icky to use her struggle to sell product.  But I now know what she really wanted me to do – challenge your thinking because it could cost you more than just the product price.
This blog and this skin care line is for you, Margaret. Miss you and love you.  (BTW, I know you loved the name we chose for our Breast Cancer pink lip collection.  Madison and I totally did that for you;)
With Love, Michele

My mom, Margaret, and my nephew on vacation in St. Kitts!
My sister Maret, my brother-in-law Tad (VP, Operations at LimeLight), Tim Bluto (Director of Beauty Guidance at LimeLight) and Margaret.
Margaret getting pampered at the hospital with her LimeLife products.

8 thoughts on “You’re Still The BrEaST, Margaret!

  1. Thank You for sharing this with all of us and to Margret tears of happiness to you for having Michele see the light. Keep smiling beautiful Lady.

  2. This story is unreal. It makes all such kinds of feelings. I think what you have here is a priceless jewel. After using this skincare for only one week. My skin has never looked and felt this good. Everyone is on the right path

  3. What a powerful testimony of your commitment to chemical free skincare.
    Thanks for sharing this, I as a beauty guide am even more confident about the integrity of the line.

  4. The skin care line is my absolute ” can not live without” I have a BIG birthday coming on the horizon (50) when people ask my age.. I tell them , then they ask for proof . Because they say I look like I’m in my mid 30’s.. I started using the products about 5 months ago . To help me keep my youthful glow , and because I started getting acne for the first time in my life when I hit my 40’s no product out there would help get rid of the blemishes. They just made it go away for a while .. Limelight by Alcone has kept the acne away and I have been told my face has a healthy glow to it. Thank you !!!!

  5. I love this but when is the botanical foundation going to be paraben free?
    I love the idea of chemical free skincare but won’t commit to trying the makeup .

  6. When researching to join a company, I wanted a company that fit my criteria of no harmful chemicals. When I found Limelight, the deal was sealed. The skin care has changed my skin for the better and the cosmetics is literally the very best of the best.
    Thank you, Michele for thinking of women and for being an advocate to healthy skin care.

  7. I am over the moon for these products that require no warnings of harmful ingredients. I started using them in July and became a Beauty Guide in September. I’ve spoken about the “worry free” products, I’ve encouraged women to consider the benefit of them and became alarmed when I discovered a warning about their products on the website of a popular skin care brand. I was flabbergasted. Then today I stumbled across this blog that reassures me that my alarm is appropriate and hopefully will become contagious. I lost both of my parents to cancer within 9 months of each others deaths. I’m convinced in my heart that all of these artificial/synthetic things we’ve introduced into our environments are at least partly to blame. Thank you for staying true to yourself, our company and Margaret in providing safe products that are good for women’s confidence and self-esteem on top of being good for their health.

  8. Well… this hit home.
    I am a beauty guide with this company. And have just been diagnosed work stage 3 triple negative breast cancer.
    This company is the number one reason I fight so hard. Margaret would be so proud.

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