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LimeLight Blush Palette

The easiest way to create a healthy looking glow is with a touch of blush! Swipe on a shade that compliments your skin tone with a touch of Perfect Blush #6 as a highlighter to achieve a glow everyone will notice. Perfect Blush #6 magically works with every skin tone, which is why it flies off the shelf! Whether you are the fairest of them all, like Amanda Seyfried, or #blessed with a beautifully dark complexion like Lupita Nyoung’o, Perfect Blush #6 acts as the perfect highlight. Not sure what shade works for you? Find your celebrity skin doppelgänger here for the best custom blush duo to compliment your skin tone.



If you wear Porcelain, Ivory, or Gena Beige foundation you are considered to be fair. You most likely use the word “pale” to describe yourself, Coppertone is your middle name, and the sun is your enemy. If you were #blessed with the skin of a porcelain doll, than light and pinky shades like Perfect Blush #5 and #6 are for you.



If you wouldn’t consider yourself tan…but you’re no porcelain doll either, you most likely have a light complexion. The most natural way to brighten up any light skin tone is with a pinky, peach blush. Perfect Blush #3 and Blush #6 are the best options for you.

Light Medium


If you are on the lighter side, but tan very easily, than you most likely have a light to medium skin tone. A shimmery, pinky-peach blush looks best on you. Add some Perfect Blush #4 and highlight your cheek bones and you are good to glow!

Medium Yellow


If you have a medium complexion with a yellow undertone, a subtle, mauve blush looks best on you. Perfect Blush #1  is a matte, dusty rose that blends beautifully with Perfect Blush #6 to create a natural flush with a hint of shimmer to highlight and brighten your complexion. (Hint: add Perfect Blush #6 to the inner corners of your eyes like Olivia Munn to brighten tired eyes!)

Medium Olive


If you derive from the same bloodline as Eva Longoria, you hit the gene pool jackpot, have a medium olive skin tone, and thrive in a peach blush. Perfect Blush #7 combined with a Perfect Blush #6 works best for you. Add bronzer into the mix to contour your cheek bones for a peachy, sun kissed glow.

Medium Dark


The most natural way to enhance a medium to dark complexion is a highly pigmented, plum shade blush. Perfect Blush #1 combined with with Perfect Blush #6 quickly brightens a dark complexion while adding a quick glow. Take your glow even further by using Perfect Blush #6 to highlight any other features including your neck and collar bones like Gabrielle Union.



If you have a gorgeous, dark complexion like Lupita Nyong’o, this blush was made for you. While a bold red blush is intimidating at first, Perfect Blush #2 is bright, highly pigmented, and adds perfect contrast to enhance a dark complexion. Pair with Perfect Blush#6 (or swap for Perfect Bronzer!) to add a shimmery glow.

Don’t know how to apply? Don’t blush! Here are the do’s and don’ts of blush application.

Don’t: Apply too far below the cheekbone or too high above. Applying blush below the cheekbone can make you appear older, and applying too high can result in an unnatural, clown-like application.

Do: Keep the color on the apples of your cheeks by smiling and lightly dust where your cheeks pop and blend outward.

Don’t: Choose the wrong shade. Using the wrong shade of blush is just as detrimental as using the wrong shade of foundation.

Do: Use the guide above to find your match! Still having trouble deciding? Your best bet is to match your blush to the natural flush that occurs when you are out in the cold or just went for a run.

Don’t: Forget to blend!  Unless your are going as a doll for Halloween, little circles of blush on your cheeks are not cute!

Do: Blend outward to avoid visible lines or streaks of color on your face. Remember, natural is key!

Don’t: Use the wrong brush. You do not need to cover too much surface area when applying blush- so leave the All-Over Powder brush for Perfect Pressed Powder!

Do: Use a Angled Blush Brush to naturally sweep on your brush and a Tapered Powder Brush to highlight.

Create the Two-Well, Three-Well, or even Six-Well (for the pros), custom blush palette here and blush into fall!



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