Find Your Inner Wonder Woman

The very first time I realized that makeup had power was when I was about 4 years old. There on the screen was Lynda Carter transforming from a super important Navy Yeoman into our nation’s best hope – Wonder Woman.
(Cue the imminent wardrobe malfunction)
The intro music was so inspiring, you could not help but run to your room, grab your lasso of truth (jump rope) and your all-protecting bracelets (your mom’s really expensive bangles that you were definitely going to get in trouble for taking but “this is a justice mission, Mom. I need them for protection.”)
(Sing) Wonder Woman. All our hopes are pinned upon you and the magic that you do.
So here is a question, would she have seemed as powerful without her eyeliner, long lashes, and bold, colorful lips? Maybe, but for this fan the makeup signified power.
I don’t wear liner and lipstick every day. I also don’t comb my hair every day. But when I put on makeup and do my hair, it changes my attitude. It really does! I act with greater confidence, I have more energy, and when my husband walks in the door I look like a magical woman you can pin your hopes on. ([sing] Wonder Woman!)
I have been testing our new lipstick colors and paying attention to the emotion each evoked, and here is how each color made me feel:
Knot Telling = Sexy – I wore this lip color yesterday with some serious eyes. I went heavy on the liner using the Perfect Eyeliner Pen, Perfect Mascara, and the Feeling is Neutral Eye Shadow Palette. I happened to have a lunch date with my husband and he told me a million times that I looked gorgeous. ([sing] All of us are counting on you, and the power you possess!) 
Down and Flirty = Healthy – I chose this color and wore it with a bit of Brown Eyeshadow (#8) as liner (use a damp brush) and our Perfect Mascara. I then used our Perfect Bronzer and Perfect Blush #6 to add some dimension to my cheeks. The overall look felt really put together in a natural way.  ([sing] Make a liar tell the truth!)
Girls Night Pout = Youthful – This is my scariest color. I am not a pink girl. But when I paired this with a dash of our Perfect Blush #1 and #5 mixed together, I actually looked a bit younger. When my daughter told me it was “not me” I topped it with our Signature Lip Gloss in Love and really liked the depth it created. ([sing] Make a hawk a dove)
Paint The Town = Powerful – Now this color is my JAM! I love reds. In my mind, this was Lynda Carter’s color (in real life it was a bit more orange and sometimes shimmery). I love wearing this color with some ripped blue jeans, a plain t-shirt, and just a bit of our Perfect Mascara. ([sing] fighting for your rights, and the old red, white, and blue!) 
Red Haute = Sophisticated – This cooler red color makes me think of the heroine in some awesome black and white movie. I wore this with a winged eye (thank you, Perfect Eyeliner Pen), a few layers of our Perfect Mascara and an extra bit of our Botanical Foundation and Perfect Pressed Powder. Throw on a black dress and I was ready to walk up and down the Tiffany’s sidewalk. ([sing] Stop a bullet cold)
FemFire = Down To Earth – I wore this color with some brown eyeshadow tones (#27, #38, #40) and Perfect Blush #1. It was just a comfortable, natural look. The orangey undertone of this lip color made me want to run for that cream-colored Fall cowlneck sweater I can’t wait to wear! ([sing] Wonder Woman. Get us out from under. Wonder Woman!) 
Prim and Proper = Beautiful – This is the color I am getting 5 of and leaving in my car, in my office, in my purse, in my bathroom, and in my kitchen junk drawer. It is that perfect sheer color that I actually want my lips to be. This is my lip color in flashbacks – me on my honeymoon, me holding my newborns, me late running into a PTA meeting… Most likely my lips were more of a whitish, chapped color but, hey, it’s my flashback! ([sing] Change their minds and change the world!)
 Plum Luck = Trendy – Even though this was the most popular color we sold in a pan and has been dubbed by many makeup artists as “the perfect bridal color” I had some trouble with this one. It kind of looks like my lips but a bit colder than the Prim and Proper. So I added some darker neutrals (#28 and #39) around my lower lid and the outer corner of my eyes. The result was a really soft, natural glow that read a bit trendy. I am going to use this lip color a lot in the Fall as a compliment to some playful, modern eye looks. ([sing] All the world is waiting for you, and the powers you possess!)
Next time you need a boost to find your every day Wonder Woman, look no farther than your LimeLight Perfect Lipstick!

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