Time to Clean Up Your Act

Reusing a dirty makeup applicator is the equivalent of putting sweaty workout clothes back on- and you wouldn’t do that, right? Properly cleaning your brushes and sponges is essential to prevent breakouts, the growth of bacteria, spreading of germs, and increases the lifespan of your tools. When cleaned regularly, your sponge can last up to three months before needing to be being replaced. When used between clients, tools should be cleaned before each use. While it is ideal to clean your personal brushes and sponges after every use, not everyone has time for that. It is suggested to clean your tools two to three times a week and ensure that they dry in an open, breathable space. If you immediately seal your sponge in an airtight bag after cleaning, chances are it is going to produce mold, mildew, or bacteria that you do not want to dip into your foundation let alone put on your face. That is why the Blenderful is coupled with a mesh drying bag, so you can keep your sponge in a safe, cozy, and sanitary place while it dries. (And take it everywhere you go!)


To ensure your sponge is squeaky clean, long-lasting, and conditioned, LimeLife has teamed up with London Brush Company to create “Clean Act“- a vegan brush and sponge shampoo made with essential oils and young coconut milk that successfully breaks down even the toughest makeup. (P.S. “Come Clean” got a makeover and is now “Clean Act.”) This shampoo is also chemical free making it an environmentally friendly choice to send down the drain, and unscented making it the perfect solution for anyone who has highly sensitive skin. Don’t believe that something so gentle could be so tough against hard to remove products? Watch it in action here!



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