Oily Skin? Me too. You Need This!

Swipes of LimeLight's Masque of Zen

Anyone who suffers from extremely oily skin will agree with me when I tell you…it is a curse. People ask you why you’re sweating so much- when your not, your the only one glowing in group photos- and not the pretty kind, and your makeup slides right off your face as soon as you step outside. For people who can’t relate, its like getting your hair done everyday, and it raining…everyday. For years I was convinced that the only way to free myself of oily skin was to strip my face of its never ending oil supply once or twice a day using harsh astringents and carry oil blotting papers in my back pocket at all times. I later learned that stripping my pores of its natural oil not only removes a barrier that my skin needs to protect itself, but it results in even more oil! The production of this oil begins in the Sebaceous gland. These glands live beneath your skin’s surface and produce an oily, waxy, substance called “sebum.” Sebum is responsible for waterproofing the outer layer of your skin and hair, preventing too much water from entering your body and too much water from being released to keep you hydrated. This helpful secretion also protects your skin from infection and plays a major role in your skin’s overall health. When you remove this natural oil from your pores your skin’s natural instinct is to produce even more oil resulting in even more clogged pores. All skin types produce this substance, but some are luckier than others. Too much sebum or extreme oil production results in pores clogged with dead skin cells and acne causing bacteria and the production of whiteheads and blackheads. This is why “oily” and “acne prone skin” are typically in the same category and treated the same way. Believe it or not- the best way to free yourself from oily skin is to add to it, not take away.

The best ingredients to add are the fruits of mother earth: Clay, Tea Tree Oil, White Carrot Oil, and Cinnamon Bark. These ingredients work together to regulate oil production, fight acne, and create healthy, balanced skin. Here is why:


Clay has amazing benefits for both dry and oily skin, but is more commonly recognized for its ability to clear and shrink clogged pores to balance oily skin. Clay draws out excess sebum that results in the blemishes, blackheads, bacteria, and clog pores I mentioned before. Once the pores are clear from the dirt and bacteria that accumulate, clay tones and tightens pores reducing the appearance of enlarged pores resulting in younger, more radiant looking skin. Clay also has the unique ability to draw out toxins and heavy metals that can cause premature aging and are detrimental to skin health.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has proven to be an effective antimicrobial, fighting against the bacteria that causes acne. This oil disinfects skin and has anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent ingredient to prevent and cure any breakout. Tea Tree Oil helps extract impurities and create healthy, balanced skin with regular use.

White Carrot Oil

White Carrot Oil has an incredible ability to rejuvenate, heal, and protect skin. Its high content of Vitamin E and Vitamin C work together to stimulate new cell growth and rejuvenate dull skin. By rapidly bringing new cells to life, White Carrot Oil has the ability to heal damaged skin, minimizes the appearance of aging, and protect skin from future damage from the sun, pollution, and stress. White Carrot Oil provides just enough moisture to hydrate skin without clogging pores making it the perfect source to naturally hydrate oily skin.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark provides various skin care benefits and can help to significantly improve  the look and feel of your complexion. Because Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and is an incredibly effective anti-microbial it is a great ingredient to fight infection and signs of aging. It plumps skin reducing fine lines, treats acne and blemishes by unclogging pores and bringing blood to the surface, reduces signs of aging by increasing collagen production, and restores shine and suppleness to the skin by gently removing dead skin cells.

LimeLife_Skin Care_Masque of Zen_largeThese are the key ingredients found in Masque of Zen. This mask was designed to clear and shrink the appearance of pores, tighten skin, regulate oil production and reduce the occurrence of blemishes. Basically it is a saving grace to anyone with overly oily skin. It applies as a thick, mud-like layer that you can actually feel absorbing into your pores and drawing toxins and excess oil away. Not only can you feel the mask tightening your skin and shrinking your pores, but you can actually see it absorb into your skin, more quickly in the areas with the most clogged pores. What’s better than being able to feel and actually watch a product as it works? The long term results!

I am not going to sugar coat this for you- achieving long-term blemish free skin is a process and it does not happen over night. I used Masque of Zen three times a week for 30 days in order to finally help my skin find balance. In the first couple of weeks, the mask began its process of extracting the toxins, bacteria, and impurities that were clogging my pores. This resulted in a slight burning and tingling sensation and minor breakouts the next day. I questioned this at first and yes, wanted to discontinue use, but it is all a part of the skin balancing process. As I continued use, the burning sensation lessened over time and I really began to see a difference after week three. My pores became less noticeable, I rarely have breakouts, and I no longer need to carry oil blotting sheets with me everywhere I go! When I do get the occasional blemish, I sleep with a little dot of Masque of Zen on top, wake up, and poof, its gone! It is truly amazing and if you are an oil spill like me, you need it! Below is what the absorption process looks like.

“Oil be there for you.”-Masque of Zen



5 thoughts on “Oily Skin? Me too. You Need This!

  1. I just started using Masque of Zen last night. I have super duper oily skin as well. I’m 38 and fighting fine lines on my forehead, but yet have the oil of a teenager in my t-zone just hours after cleansing. It’s annoying! I really pray this mask will be my saving grace with cutting down on oil production and also acne breakouts! Thank you for your blog, it made me finally decide to try it.

  2. This was very helpful! I’m in my late thirties & have been suffering with acne that is much worse. I can’t wait to start using Mask of Zen & all the limelight products.

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