Why Natural Skin Care?

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I‘m not sure about you, but when I was an oily, pimple faced teenager my favorite errand with my mom was going to the local pharmacy and scanning the aisles for something that would magically make my pimples disappear. I didn’t care what was in it, where it came from, or if I would have to sacrifice my pink iPod mini (very valuable at the time) for perfect skin. While my pink grapefruit face wash and dermatologist prescribed cream that burned my face worked temporarily – I never found anything I could rely on to make my skin clear, keep it clear and didn’t make me feel like I was putting my face directly into a camp fire. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn until my 20’s (better late than never) that the ingredients in skin care actually matter and that it takes less than a minute for those harmful ingredients to enter your blood stream. Since our skin care launched in 2014 I have not used a single non-LimeLight product, and I am happy to report that my skin has never been so amazing (knock on wood.) Yes – I will get the occasional pimple from eating late night pizza, being stressed out, or my period, but I no longer feel the need to cover myself in concealer or wear a paper bag over my head on a daily basis. The reason for these products work better than anything you can buy from a drug store is because the ingredients in LimeLight skin care work to heal and rebalance skin cells opposed to using the “strip-and-replenish” process of the other brands. This process essentially strips your skin of its natural oils, dries it out, and limit’s your skin’s natural ability to heal. By getting into a routine, allowing my skin time to heal and find balance, and feeding my skin with the nutrition it needs, my skin has become one less thing to worry about and the pharmacy is now strictly a place to purchase toilet paper, tooth paste, and (very) late birthday cards. Remember – unless you are Jennifer Lopez’s chid, a unicorn or receive visits from the skin fairy, amazing skin does not happen overnight. It takes time (about a month,) consistency, and lots and lots of water. It is never too late to change your regimen and achieve pretty and healthy skin!



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